Second ‘The Last Stand’ Trailer

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as a small town sheriff trying to stop a drug lord from crossing the border in this action-thriller.
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Second ‘The Last Stand’ Trailer

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  • ollie-styrene • 3 years ago

    I`m just glad to see Arnold were he belongs,... in the movies, and not in some office!! Who needs plot when you`ve got Arnold!!!


    • metalheadfury • 3 years ago

      BY THE GOVERNATOR'S GUN! This guy does make interesting C-Movies but man is he so in love with keeping his eye on the border! I'll wait to see it on the Raw Rental Deal


      • skywise • 3 years ago

        Jee Woon Kim is a great director. While his "I Saw the Devil" gets most of the attention, its "The Good, The Bad, The Weird" that I really enjoy most.


        • narrator • 3 years ago

          Pure guilty pleasure that'll probably disappoint... but it's the f*cking Governator!


          • 2movieguys • 3 years ago

            A film U don't see for plot see it for Arnold Schwarzenegger !!


            • jasonkat • 3 years ago

              GOD why cant i take those bad guys seriously? They look like a bunch of idiots who would try and rob a bank only to not have a plan. lol

              Overall this looks like a C-movie. it falls along side of 'walking tall, The marine, 12 rounds, macgruber, Blue streak. lol Just to name a few.

              It looks like a fun popcorn flick. but its not something to say damn that was great.


              • brandon-scott-todd • 3 years ago

                He said he'd be back...


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