Shiloh Fernandez Is Peter in ‘The Girl with the Red Riding Hood’

The actor is set to star alongside Amanda Seyfried in the Catherine Hardwicke directed retelling of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.
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Shiloh Fernandez joins The Girl with the Red Riding HoodHeat Vision is reporting that actor Shiloh Fernandez has been tapped as the male romantic lead of the gothic retelling of "Little Red Riding Hood", The Girl with the Red Riding Hood.

Catherine Hardwicke is directing the film, in which Amanda Seyfried will play a woman in a medieval village being terrorized by a werewolf.

Fernandez is said to have screen-tested and read seven times before nabbing the role of Peter, an orphaned woodcutter for whom Seyfried falls, much to the displeasure of her family.

Red Riding Hood was released March 11th, 2011.

Sources:Heat Vision

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