‘Silent Hill: Revelation 3D’ Photo Featuring Adelaide Clemens as Heather Mason

Michael J. Bassett begins shooting this upcoming ‘Silent Hill’ sequel in Toronto starting today.
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Davis Films producer Samuel Hadida and Don Carmody announced that rising star Adelaide Clemens (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Vampire, Generation Um, next starring in Mad Max: Fury Road) and Kit Harington (HBO's upcoming series Game of Thrones) will top-line Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. The film begins lensing in Toronto today and is directed by Michael J. Bassett (Solomon Kane, Deathwatch). International sales are being handled by Lionsgate. The first photo of Adelaide Clemens as Heather Mason has been released below.

http://movieweb.com/movie/silent-hill-revelation-3d/photos/PGk25yWEy3kJnp/Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Movie Pictures #1

Samuel Hadida and Don Carmodymost recently produced Resident Evil: Afterlife starring Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, and Wentworth Miller. Past collaborations include Resident Evil: Apocalypse and the earlier Silent Hill.

Samuel Hadida said: "We are all excited to have the Silent Hill team reunited in Toronto. With Michael J. Bassett at the helm, we will be building on the first film and taking Silent Hill into new territory with an exciting storyline and visuals that should grab both new audiences and fans of the Silent Hill franchise."

Don Carmody added: "Adelaide Clemens is breaking out of the indie world with commercial features such as X-Men Origins: Wolverine and the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road. She and Kit Harington are emerging young talent and their chemistry and dynamics make them a brilliant addition to the Silent Hill: Revelation 3D team."

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is based on the acclaimed survival horror videogame franchise by KONAMI and is the sequel to Samuel Hadida and Don Carmody earlier Silent Hill directed by Christophe Gans. For years, Heather Mason (Adelaide Clemens) and her father have been on the run, always one step ahead of dangerous forces that she doesn't fully understand. Now on the eve of her 18th birthday, plagued by terrifying nightmares and the disappearance of her father, Heather discovers she's not who she thinks she is. The revelation leads her deeper into a demonic world that threatens to trap her in Silent Hill forever.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D was released October 26th, 2012.

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  • lane1 • 5 years ago

    This girl looks nothing like Heather Mason from the games. She better hope she can act or she's going to end up pissing off a lot of the die-hard Silent Hill fans out there who LOVE Heather as a character.

    Furthermore, I saw the first movie but never played the games (though I've always wanted to)... but I heard a lot of mixed reactions from the game's fans about the film. I talked to a few who thought it was just like the game, while the majority of the fans thought it was either nothing like the game and/or it was just a terrible film. That said, it seems like they're taking the original RE 2 movie approach to this by mixing the characters from the 2nd and 3rd games (which would've worked SO much better for that piece of sh*t "film" RE: Apocalypse (I would've loved a REAL adaptation of RE 2 with the title for the movie taken from the novel "City of the Dead" which was based, for the most part, on that game). Knowing that, it'll either better the film or ruin it completely. If the fans recieve the concept/story/characters/actors of the film more positively than negatively this time around, it'll be a clear indication of what video game-to-film-adaptations can achieve in terms of fixing their mistakes from the first films. If not recieved positively, however... unlike RE, I don't think there'll be a future for the Silent Hill film franchise after this.

    The fact that it's already taken them as long it has to start filming a sequel is a clear indication of the unfortunate success the RE films have enjoyed. If the film does well and they want to share in that success, they're going to have to produce sequels a lot faster if they want to keep up with RE. Ugh... I still can't believe RE made it past a third film... why God, why?

    I still pray for the day I can have a Biohazard remake.


    • emmytt • 5 years ago



      • instead8909 • 5 years ago

        the first time I got an audition I was so nervous that I nearly didn't go. I told myself that if I don't go I may never get anything, after six months of being let down. I started to get jobs but the financing just kept on pulling out of each project.

        I actually lost heart and decided it wasn't worth it any more. Until October of last year, two directors that I had met before offered me jobs, I met with them but haven't heard back since. November and in December I got called into auditions without the use of an Agent. Two of them nearly got me.

        In Jan of this year I was offered a film offer and I had six auditions that went no where.

        Still haven't heard about the film.

        last month I only had two auditions, one for this film and the other for a comedy.

        This last weekend I have had one, but I didn't get it. This Friday one is for a student film and Saturday for a short film.

        Skywise: just keep going you never know what job you'll get. You may be screaming your head off or being a waiter.

        As of me I keep going for speaking parts.


        • skywise • 5 years ago

          that was years ago tho and that was the only film i ever got to see being made but it was a very cool experience.


          • skywise • 5 years ago

            @instead8909 There is an extras company here in houston and they filmed Friday Night Lights here...i was an extra in the stadium altho you cant see me..i was there damnit. What is awesome is that only half of one section was filled...everyone else was animated in.


            • instead8909 • 5 years ago

              I know I shouldn't tell you guys about the auditions I go to, its just I have no one else to tell except my own family.


              • skywise • 5 years ago

                Christophe Gans did a great job in conveying the atmosphere of the series and it seemed to stay true to the gameplay which unfortunatly did not work well on the big screen. Its one thing to wonder endless hallways in a game but kind of boring and repetitive in a movie. The movie looked absolutly brilliant tho. I hope this movie maintains the atmosphere but ups the ante on the action.


                • rjh094 • 5 years ago

                  i liked the first one, but this seems like it's only worth sneaking into.

                  sidenote: why does everything have to be in 3D??


                  • frankenfate • 5 years ago

                    @Todd89 well then, we'll all know who you are lol


                    • jonspidey07 • 5 years ago

                      the 1st movie was ok not a great film

                      as Phelous pointed out on his website review: the visuals were spectacular and the eerie mood really fit just like in the game

                      but the movie had to succ*mb to uneccessary stuff such as inane dialouge, having an extra parent in there and having his scenes be very jarring, changing the main protagonist into a woman and making some BS about witchcraft

                      and yes the movie was creepy-looking but nothing jumped out at me to make me terrified

                      this sequel definitely looks more like its sticking to the source material, I just hope they don't insert their own ideas into the script that don't fit


                      • jasonkat • 5 years ago

                        Normally i hate when they change actors/actresses but this chick really looks like the girl in the game plus has that horror "looks" in her. I loved the 1st film. but felt like "the burning of the witch" was to long.. And the cop chick shouldnt have died.


                        • instead8909 • 5 years ago

                          Who knows I might still be in it since I said I was willing to be an extra


                          • instead8909 • 5 years ago

                            I lasted for three auditions for one of the male parts for this film, but they liked my attitude toward the making of it. At least I got to meet Michael J. Bassett.


                            • thedude-abides • 5 years ago

                              I've said it many times before on this site, the first Silent Hill is the best video game-to-movie adaptation ever (not saying much, I know). Given that sentiment, it pains me to say that this has all the makings of yet another horrible video game adaptation in the long line of horrible video game adaptations over the last 10 years. So much for a working formula.


                              • thrashnasty190 • 5 years ago



                                • SoksoV • 5 years ago

                                  Not me! Love the first one and this girl is pretty cute :)


                                  • cupid • 5 years ago

                                    Me too.


                                    • dan1 • 5 years ago

                                      I'll pass.


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