‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Gets ‘Star Trek Countdown to Darkness’ Prequel Comic

This 4 issue mini-series will lead directly into the upcoming sequel, with a story from Roberto Orci and Mike Johnson.
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‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Gets ‘Star Trek Countdown to Darkness’ Prequel Comic

IDW has announced a 4-issue comic book prequel miniseries for Star Trek Into Darkness, titled Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness. Here are the details and a look at the first issue's cover, with an all-new story co-written by the movie's very own Roberto Orci.

Star Trek Countdown to Darkness Comic Book Cover

"The countdown to the motion picture event of 2013 begins here, in this blockbuster 4-issue prequel mini-series that sets the stage for the upcoming Star Trek film! Like the best-selling Star Trek: Countdown in 2009, this all-new series leads directly into the next movie, with a story by Star Trek Into Darkness writer/producer Roberto Orci and Mike Johnson (Star Trek ongoing series), and drawn by the original Star Trek: Countdown artist, David Messina! Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness is the can't-miss lead-in to the new adventures of the Enterprise crew!"

Star Trek Into Darkness was released May 17th, 2013.

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  • vanboy • 3 years ago

    @michael Rowe maybe it's just very dark....

    I can't beleive they are going ahead with that dreadful title. Yikes! Should be Star Trek: Into Darkness. The only worse title to "Star Trek Into Darkness" would be Star Wars: Attack of the Clones! I;m still hoping that that fugly Enterprise gets destroyed and we get the one that's more like the original. This one looks like a Lexus with rediculous bulging fenders and a primary hull pushed back like it was in an accident.


    • Salemwolf711 • 3 years ago

      I will read this


      • mcleve02 • 3 years ago

        Love it!


        • rudy • 3 years ago

          ough, another thing I gotta collect.


          • Michael-Rowe • 3 years ago

            How's the typo on the cover "darrkness" hope they fix that!


            • bawnian-dexeus • 3 years ago

              I've given up on these tie in novels and comic books, but I'm sure the nerds will love em


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