Steven Soderbergh Says No ‘Ocean's 14’

‘Ocean's 13’ is the last film in the franchise.
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Steven Soderbergh Says No ‘Ocean's 14’

George Clooney fansite, Clooney Studio, has posted a recap of a Steven Soderbergh interview at the Edinburgh Film Festival on August 19.

The Ocean's 13 director mentioned that this will be the last film in the Ocean's franchise:

Ocean's 13 will be the last one. Especially George wanted "to go out strong", and Ocean's Twelve was too complicated. Ocean's 13 is a comedy, and this time Al Pacino is a great bad guy in fact "this guy's a monster!" said Steven Soderbergh yesterday to a maybe 1000-1200 people strong crowd in his interview with Shane Danielsen, The Director of Edinburgh International Film Festival.

David Holmes is back to compose the original music - "He's so good - so gifted" Steven Soderbergh.

CLICK HERE to read the entire Clooney Studio recap of what Steven Soderbergh had to say about Ocean's 13.

Ocean's Thirteen was released June 8th, 2007.

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  • angelkenshin • 8 years ago

    What about this Ocean's 14? lol


    • shadowsc • 8 years ago

      I like the 1st one way more then the 2nd one but the second one worked for me i also enjoyed it i think this one is going to be awesome can't wait but i think they should go for a Ocean's 14.


      • slipdipidis • 8 years ago

        Shawn is an idiot... and even though 12 wasn't up to snuff, it wasn't bad either. I am looking forward to 13 and am a die hard fan of the Oceans series altogether.


        • shawn • 8 years ago

          "Go out strong"...? You should have stopped after Ocean's 11. Pacino can't save you now. End.


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