The tremendous success of blockbuster Marvel movie Deadpool has single-handedly sparked a conversation in Hollywood about making more R-Rated superhero movies. And this notion isn't going to go away until the first R-Rated superhero movie bombs. It's already been noted that this August's Suicide Squad will be rated PG-13. But that doesn't mean its sequel can't have a little 'Adults Only' fun. Director David Ayer, who has yet to be confirmed for Suicide Squad 2, thinks that an R rating might be something to push for.

Many in Hollywood are currently pondering how to move forward in a market place where an R-rated superhero movie can and will make a lot of money. Warner Bros. has already announced a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice R-rated Ultimate Cut is coming to the home market. And there's even a rumor that it will be released in theaters. 20th Century Fox is teasing an R rating for both Wolverine 3 and X-Force. But Disney and Marvel have taken a pretty firm stance, insisting that they will not cash in on the craze, and plan to stick with PG-13 fare.

Suicide Squad has recently undergone reshoots, which some people believe will garner the movie an R rating. That doesn't sound likely, though these reshoots do mean we're getting a much more violent DC comics adventure, as they add a few extra action scenes to the mix. Speaking with