‘Super 8’ Alien Monster Concept Art

A new image has surfaced claiming to be from J.J. Abrams upcoming sci-fi thriller.
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A new piece of concept art claiming to be from Super 8, J.J. Abrams' secretive sci-fi ode to all-things Steven Spielberg, has popped up online. And it's a gnarly beast with sharp teeth and four arms. Its under-armed webbing and general fish-like appearance certainly ties in with the fishing aspects of the movie as presented on the viral site Hook, line, and minker. And the photo is further authenticated by the Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot logos tagged at the bottom of the image. The pic apparently came from an IMDB user who stated:

"So, my friend's brother's wife works for a company that does marketing for films, video games, music, etc. Occasionally she'll get chain mails from these companies, which aren't supposed to go to them. A few days ago she received a chain mail intended for the production staff within Paramount."

Here is the photo in question:

http://movieweb.com/movie/super-8/photos/PGI0PcsKawxhLO/Possible Super 8 Alien Concept Art

We'll only know if this is authentic by how soon we are told to take it down. Which could be any moment now. So get a good look.

Super 8 was released June 10th, 2011.

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  • SpaceCowboy • 5 years ago

    Might be another hoax, like Cloverfield


    • frank-palfalvi • 5 years ago

      That's the same concept art that was floating around when people were speculating about Cloverfield. It's not related to Super 8. The artists name, I believe is Patrick Reilly.


      • jmp • 5 years ago

        looks like the cloverfield mosters son


        • wade • 5 years ago

          Looks like Stitch on massive and ugly ass steroids lol


          • wichitagalzl • 5 years ago

            Dang, that's a creepy monster indeed. But who knows if this is the real deal or not. I'm guessing most likely not but you never know...


            • daveactor7 • 5 years ago

              Looks like something Ive seen in Star Wars.


              • daveactor7 • 5 years ago

                @Bawn lol


                • bawnian-dexeus • 5 years ago

                  Well...That's no E.T.


                  • gandoff • 5 years ago

                    Someone is going to get fired...lol....(read it in a singing voice with s laugh) lol

                    I would have much rather seen something come from left feild. How about a regular looking human with these powers... Now that would have been better then some wacky monster....


                    • narrator • 5 years ago

                      Sweet. Man, as a homage to Spielberg's earlier films, I hope this turns out well for Abrams' and Spielberg's sake.

                      BTW, the monster in Cloverfield was confirmed as just a child. So I doubt that this is a baby version of the cloverfield monster. Lol.


                      • asif • 5 years ago



                        • emmytt • 5 years ago



                          • adit365 • 5 years ago

                            maybe just a viral..??


                            • summit10 • 5 years ago

                              oh Belvedere come here boy!!!


                              • marcusx • 5 years ago

                                the monster doesnt have 4 arms, it apparently has 6 limbs. look how its standing. the other 2 we cant see are behind the front right. see how there is 3 on just his left side? presuming he is a being that has some symmetry, we can assume he has 6. just saying.


                                • moviegeek • 5 years ago

                                  Dang. Creepy lookin. Prolly just someone wanting attention though.


                                  • elmaschingon • 5 years ago

                                    @supes. hhahah it does doesn't it? hahah

                                    well looks big and scary and blah blah blah, i'll wait for a trailer, i liked the storyline in cloverfield, but the camera work annoyed me, and yes i know that was the style it was supposed to take, but i dont like having my head be shaken around alot thank you.. kinda like district 9. but hey, i'll watch.


                                    • insertusernamehere • 5 years ago

                                      I wanna take it home with me lol

                                      But who knows if this is real?


                                      • mattbierwagen • 5 years ago

                                        thats pretty neat


                                        • ed-wood • 5 years ago

                                          I'll wait for the movie, I don't believe this pic.


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