‘Super 8’ Full TV Spot Clue Photos

All of the images from the various versions of the Super Bowl XLV TV spot have been compiled and placed in order.
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‘Super 8’ Full TV Spot Clue Photos

A new Super 8 TV Spot debuted during Super Bowl XLV, and soon after, various individuals began deconstructing it piece by piece looking for various clues.

Many different versions of the TV Spot were swapped in and out on Apple's trailer site for Super 8 the past few weeks, each revealing a few new visual clues that built themselves into one giant puzzle image.

Today, the Super 8 News forum has completed this visual puzzle of images, and pieced them together to form a collage of intriguing, somewhat misleading moments from the J.J. Abrams directed sci-fi mystery. What does it all mean? No one except J.J. Abrams and his cast and crew truly know at the moment.

The numbers "3-11-11" appear on one of the composite images below, which has lead a number of fans to speculate that the full trailer for Super 8 will arrive on that date, possibly attached to Battle: Los Angeles when it premieres in theaters on March 11th.

Here is the completed set of clue photos from the various different versions of the Super 8 Super Bowl XLV trailer.

Super 8 TV Spot Clues #9

Super 8 was released June 10th, 2011.

Sources:Super 8 News

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  • bane5000 • 4 years ago

    Its Cloverfield all over again. we all tried to piece everything together and once the movie came out, found out we were way off :P

    ...and little did we know a pic of the monster was in the actual movie posters in the form of a cloud above the statue of liberty


    • cupid • 4 years ago



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