‘Supercrooks’ Comic Prequel Trailer

Mark Millar's latest comic book hits store shelves in 2012, before being adapted for the big screen by director Nacho Vigalondo and Universal Pictures.
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‘Supercrooks’ Comic Prequel Trailer

2012 promises to be the year of Supercrooks, the latest comic book title from Mark Millar. The property is coming to the big screen courtesy of Universal Pictures and director Nacho Vigalondo sometime in 2014. But first, Supercrooks will debut at Comic Book shops across the country, starting with a sneak-peek lead-in story that will appear in the pages of CLiNT #15, on sale March 28th.

To coincide with this launch of Supercrooks, a live action teaser trailer has been released, which offers a taste of both the upcoming comic book and the impending feature film. Check it out below.

Here is the official press release.

Mark Millar has written an all-new, in-continuity lead-in to his hotly anticipated new series Supercrooks, to run exclusively in CLiNT! Make sure you read this before you pick up #1!

CLiNT, which has already boasted an exclusive first look at never before seen Supercrooks artwork by co-creator Leinil Francis Yu, will run the lead-in feature written by Mark Millar in CLiNT #15, on-sale March 28, 2012.

"It's a thrill to be able to publish this world-exclusive," said Editorial Manager Andrew James, "It's not a preview, not an excerpt, it's an in-universe feature that delves deep into the sordid and compromising blackmail driving the story. And you won't read it anywhere else. Supercrooks is going to be white-hot at the start of 2012, and this is a perfect opportunity to get yourself primed - whether you're reading it in single issues or awaiting the CLiNT serialization."

Supercrooks, which was announced at last years Kapow! Comic-Con, has already been optioned as a film by Universal and is being co-written, produced and directed by Spanish director, Nacho Vigalondo.

Mark Millar on what readers can expect from Supercrooks:

"All the superheroes live in America, so why don't the supervillains just go somewhere else? I remember thinking that if I was the Joker or the Mirror Master or someone, I think I'd head for somewhere like Glasgow, where the worst thing that will happen is being chased by a fat cop. Supercrooks is about a bunch of supervillains who head to Spain for one last heist."

Supercrooks was released in 2014.

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