'Superheroes' News

AOL to Launch Video Portal

The company also adds television offerings from Sony and Fox.

Evan Jacobs

The Next Spider-Man 3 Trailer Coming This Fall

Producer Grant Curtis confirms.

Marvel Says There Will Be A Spider-Man 4

The question is will Tobey Maquire be returning?

Warner Bros. Planning on the Superman Returns Sequel for 2009

The studio V.P. talks about the box-office performance of the first film.

Spider-Man 3 Video Blog with Sam Raimi and Thomas Haden Church

Two new clips on Sony Picture's official movie blog.

X-Men 4 in the Works

New cast members are signed; Older cast members require contract renegotiations.

EXCLUSIVE: James Marsden Talks Cyclops and X-Men Spinoffs

Returning to the franchise for a possible fourth film.

Spider-Man 3 Cast Footage from Comic-Con Online

Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire, Thomas Haden Church, Topher Grace, Bryce Dallas Howard and Kirsten Dunst talk to the fans about the film.

Warner Bros. Announces Batman Sequel The Dark Knight!

Christopher Nolan confirmed to direct Christian Bale as Batman and Heath Ledger as The Joker in the Batman Begins sequel!

Brian B.

High-Res Spider-Man 3 Artwork of Peter Parker and Venom Available

Your first look at two images from the upcoming 2007 blockbuster.

Superman Returns Becomes the Fastest Grossing Movie Release in IMAX History

Has earned $21 million in IMAX theatres worldwide.

Spider-Man 3 to be Simultaneously Released in IMAX Theatres

Will be digitally re-mastered into the superior image and sound quality of IMAX.

Comic-Con 2006: The Wicker Man, Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix, Superman Returns

Neil LaBute, Daniel Radcliffe and David Yates, Bryan Singer, and Richard Donner on the Warner Bros. panel.

COMIC-CON 2006: X-Men: The Last Stand DVD Details!

Fox reveals some details about the upcoming disc at this year's comic-con.

Brian B.

COMIC-CON 2006: Topher Grace Confirmed To Play Venom In Spider-man 3

Director Sam Raimi confirms the baddie for the third film, plus a new image from the flick!

Brian B.

COMIC-CON AUDIO 2006: Spider-man 3 Revealed!

Tobey Macguire, Kirsten Dunst, Topher Grace, Thomas Haden Church, Bryce Dallas Howard and Sam Rami talk about the upcoming superhero flick.

Brian B.

COMIC-CON 2006: Iron Man Villian Is Mandarin

Director Jon Favreau speaks!

Brian B.

COMIC-CON 2006: Bryan Singer Anticipates the Superman Returns Sequel for 2009

The director has not officially signed on to the project yet.

Spider-Man 3 Promo Image Revealed

A cool image of Tobey Maguire revealing his spider suit.

First Look at the New Spider-man 3 Posters!

Red goes black on May 4th, 2007.

Brian B.