Superhero Movie News

Avi Arad Talks Iron Man!

The Producer discusses the film's look, the cast and what fans can expect from the project.

Evan Jacobs

Eric Roberts Teams Up with The Dark Knight

Will play Mafia Kingpin in the highly anticipated Batman sequel!

B. Alan Orange

Sony Pictures Responds to Allegations That Spider-Man 3 Has Already Been Pirated

Has been reported that stolen copies of the upcoming film is being sold illegally on the streets of China.

Spider-Man 3 DVD Available in China!

Pirated discs reportedly having problems working in players.

Evan Jacobs

Spider-Man 3 Production Notes Are Here!

50 pages of cool reading: Intro to new characters, production/effects background, actors/crew bios ... and much more.

Sam Raimi Spins a Web with Spider-Man 3!

The Director discusses making the new film, the possibility of a fourth installment and what it would take to get him to do The Hobbit.

Evan Jacobs

VIDEO INTERVIEWS: Tobey McGuire & Kirsten Dunst

Spiderman and Mary Jane speak!

B. Alan Orange

VIDEO INTERVIEWS: James Franco & Thomas Haden Church on Spider-Man 3!

Check out who Spiderman is up against this time!

B. Alan Orange

Spider-Man: The Broadway Musical Is Coming!

Julie Taymor directing, with U2 creating the music.

2 New Spider-Man 3 TV Spots with Never Before Seen Footage Right Here!

Two commercials from Taiwan including new scenes with Sandman and Venom.

Sam Raimi and Kirsten Dunst on Spider-Man 4 and The Hobbit

Other projects may get in the way of continuing the Spidey franchise.

Spider-Man 3 Premiere Hits Japan

Maguire says he may suit up again for Spidey 4 if the story is right!

B. Alan Orange

Bill Smitrovich Joins the Cast of Iron Man

Production begins next week in Los Angeles.

The Third Full-Length Spider-Man 3 Trailer Online

Check out Spidey and Venom in high-resolution Quicktime video format.

Your First Look at Iron Man

Revealing the "Mark 1" armor from the upcoming Marvel super-hero movie.

Leslie Bibb Gets Her Metal on for Iron Man

Taking on the role of reporter in the comic book adapatation.

Spider-Man 3 U.S. Premiere to Take Place at the Tribeca Film Festival

Separate screenings to take place simultaneously in the other four New York boroughs.

New Spider-Man 3 Image Gallery

Your first look at Spider-Man and Sandman going at it!

Spider-Man 3 Coming to IMAX

The film will be simultaneously released in traditional theatres and on IMAX's giant format screens.

The Final Spider-Man 3 Trailer Is Here!

The 4th and final trailer goes online.

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