Superhero Movie News

Spider-Man 3 Production Notes Are Here!

50 pages of cool reading: Intro to new characters, production/effects background, actors/crew bios ... and much more.

Sam Raimi Spins a Web with Spider-Man 3!

The Director discusses making the new film, the possibility of a fourth installment and what it would take to get him to do The Hobbit.

Evan Jacobs

VIDEO INTERVIEWS: Tobey McGuire & Kirsten Dunst

Spiderman and Mary Jane speak!

B. Alan Orange

VIDEO INTERVIEWS: James Franco & Thomas Haden Church on Spider-Man 3!

Check out who Spiderman is up against this time!

B. Alan Orange

Spider-Man: The Broadway Musical Is Coming!

Julie Taymor directing, with U2 creating the music.

2 New Spider-Man 3 TV Spots with Never Before Seen Footage Right Here!

Two commercials from Taiwan including new scenes with Sandman and Venom.

Sam Raimi and Kirsten Dunst on Spider-Man 4 and The Hobbit

Other projects may get in the way of continuing the Spidey franchise.

Spider-Man 3 Premiere Hits Japan

Maguire says he may suit up again for Spidey 4 if the story is right!

B. Alan Orange

Bill Smitrovich Joins the Cast of Iron Man

Production begins next week in Los Angeles.

The Third Full-Length Spider-Man 3 Trailer Online

Check out Spidey and Venom in high-resolution Quicktime video format.

Your First Look at Iron Man

Revealing the "Mark 1" armor from the upcoming Marvel super-hero movie.

Leslie Bibb Gets Her Metal on for Iron Man

Taking on the role of reporter in the comic book adapatation.

Spider-Man 3 U.S. Premiere to Take Place at the Tribeca Film Festival

Separate screenings to take place simultaneously in the other four New York boroughs.

New Spider-Man 3 Image Gallery

Your first look at Spider-Man and Sandman going at it!

Spider-Man 3 Coming to IMAX

The film will be simultaneously released in traditional theatres and on IMAX's giant format screens.

The Final Spider-Man 3 Trailer Is Here!

The 4th and final trailer goes online.

Brian B.

Fourth and Final Spider-Man 3 Movie Trailer Debuts on Comcast March 23

Previews of Spider-Man 3 video game and character profiles on Comcast website.

Superman Returns 2 to Start Filming in 2008

The movie is already in pre-production.

Maggie Gyllenhaal Set for The Dark Knight

Playing D.A. Rachel Dawes in the comic sequel.

7.5 Minute Extended Spider-man 3 Preview Online!

Get a look at the new video clip!