‘Superman’ Eyeing Edgar Ramirez for Unknown Villain?

A new rumor puts the ‘Carlos’ and ‘Clash of the Titans 2’ star up against Henry Cavill in Zack Snyder's reboot.
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Edgar Ramirez eyed for Superman villain? Director Zack Snyder has spent the past week touting his "girls in an insane asylum" fantasy adventure Sucker Punch, and tiny tidbits of Superman reboot information have slithered out of that. The latest rumor finds Carlos and The Bourne Ultimatum baddie Édgar Ramírez being eyed for an unspecified villain role in the next Man of Steel adventure.

For a while, it was http://movieweb.com/superman-wants-viggo-mortensen-as-general-zod/believed that Viggo Mortensen was up for the role of Zod. But Zack Snyder has been vigorously shaking his head 'no' at that notion when directly asked if the The Lord of the Rings star would be trading punches with already cast Henry Cavill. Many speculate that Zod will, for sure, be the villain of this new Superman. But Zod has never been confirmed as the villain, with Snyder firmly stating that his Clark Kent would not have any ties to those who've come before him on the big screen, or on television.

It is not known at this point who Édgar Ramírez will be playing if he is asked to join the project. He is only 'supposedly' being consider at this point. The actor is currently working for Warner Bros. (home of Superman until at least 2012). He just started shooting his role as Zues' godly son Ares in the sequel Clash of the Titans 2 (formerly known as Wrath of the Titans).

Man of Steel was released June 14th, 2013.

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  • cupid • 5 years ago

    He could make a good Metallo or maybe Parasite, BUT anyway this is just another RUMOR.


    • joelseph • 5 years ago

      SUPERVILLIANS The Superman franchise desperately needs supervillians.

      Let's blow this franchise wide open and fight Darkseid on Apocolypse!

      No more Lex Luther with Krypotonite vs. Superman, or Lex Luthor with stupid made up super power bad guy. The comic books are littered with viable supervillians and the success of X-Men proves that you can make a ton of money on unbelieveable comic heroes and villians.


      • shuabert • 5 years ago

        I've heard Ramirez is amazing in Carlos, but I haven't seen it yet.


        • bawnian-dexeus • 5 years ago

          I liked him in Ultimatum. Let's see if he can go head to head with supes, assuming his villain is formidable


          • pjwolsker • 5 years ago

            i like edgar


            • thaphoenix • 5 years ago

              As many have said below, he's a great actor, so if this is true, I'm sure he'll do a great job.

              @jptheredskull Agree completely about the Lex Luthor thing. I'd like to see a young, essentially good Lex in this film and then see him take a gradual turn for the worse in the inevitable sequels.

              Still, I have nothing but faith in Chris and Jonathan. I'm hoping they've done even half as good a job with this film as they did with Batman.

              *relaxes in deck chair and pours a Martini*


              • jptheredskull • 5 years ago

                I think the villain will be Metallo. Its to early for Brainiac and havin Doomsday now would set the bar too high for sequels. and while i'd like to Lex Luthor in this film, I'd rather it be more of how Michael Rosenbaum's Lex Luthor was in the early days of the Smallville show. Good but misguided who eventually becomes evil (in this case, in sequel) kinda of like Harry Osborn in Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy.


                • skywise • 5 years ago

                  Hes a good enough actor to pretend superman is beating the sh*t out of him.


                  • ajb401 • 5 years ago

                    just once id like to see wat directors could come up with in superman was an R rated movie

                    he would just F*CK sh*t UP


                    • thrashnasty190 • 5 years ago

                      Cool he's pretty good, let the speculation begin!


                      • m2 • 5 years ago

                        I really like this guy as an actor, so I have no problem if he gets picked as the villian.


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