Sylvester Stallone's Son Sage Stallone Passes Away at 36

No cause of death has been confirmed at this time, but the death is believed to be an accidental overdose.
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Sage Stallone passes away at 36Sylvester Stallone, who is out in San Diego promoting his upcoming sequel The Expendables 2 while at Comic-Con 2012, was struck with sad news this afternoon when he learned that his son, Sage Stallone, had passed away.

The actor-filmmaker was 36 years of age at the time of his passing. A cause of death has not been confirmed, but Sage's body was found in his Los Angeles apartment, with a bottle of pills recovered from the scene. The type of pill has not been reported, but it is believed that the death was caused from an accidental overdose on prescription medication.

At this time, there is no evidence of foul play, and there is no reason to believe that this was a suicide. Sage is said to have been in good spirits in recent weeks, working on many projects, and that he was planning to marry soon. Sylvester Stallone has reportedly been a wreck ever since receiving the news of his son's passing.

Sage Stallone got his start in Hollywood by playing Rocky Balboa Jr. in Rocky V. After playing several small parts in various projects throughout the years, the actor turned to directing and producing short films.

Sage Stallone's case has already been turned over to the Los Angeles Coroner.

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  • avrahama • 3 years ago

    Very sad news indeed. :(


    • psychobilly13 • 3 years ago

      Nothing tragic about it. It's just an addict trying to reach the next level in there adventure of getting high. That how overdoses usually happen.


      • Leon-Nirgoon • 3 years ago

        rip my condolences


        • Brizzy • 3 years ago

          always the f*cking pills... r.i.p. my condolences to his family.


          • XxNickTheFilmCriticXx • 3 years ago

            Tragic news. R.I.P.


            • Vijeta-Walke • 3 years ago

              Such a sad news. May he Rest in peace.


              • bruce-ha • 3 years ago

                @Agent-Cooper Although i might agree with the fact that people die from overdosing prescription medicine, i doubt the majority of overdoses are through the fault of a young man as him. It's often the elderly who can't understand the labels or forgot they've already taken the usual dosage.

                Now, we can speculate whether it was prescription or not, but that doesn't make a difference. It could be that the family spokesperson doesn't want to badmouth the Stallone family's reputation by saying it's non-prescription. Who knows?

                All i can say is, i feel bad for the Stallone family. My condolences to the family.

                Aside from this incident, i agree with @jasonkat 100% on the rich people who get into drugs. I hate excuses, and there is no excuse for getting into drugs when you have that amount of wealth. The rich who get into illegal drugs, i have no sympathy for. They earn enough money to actually make a good contribution to the poor, instead they buy illegal drugs from criminals who then buy weapons for the money and control local areas for plantations and so on. The poor people in those areas suffer with murders and kidnappings, etc. (to control the power over politicians, so they can keep the illegal business running). In other words, the rich and famous who get into drugs, buy drugs and support illegal drug trades... are also the ones supporting the killing and kidnapping of innocent men, women and children. The drug war leaves it's mark in every country, just look at the gang wars in U.S. and other druginfested countries.

                I have absolutely no sympathy for these rich people who get into drugs. Not only that but, i can't believe all the clinics who open for these people and the amount of resources, doctors etc. that have to be spent on the immature and moronic behaviour and habits of rich people.

                All that said, i don't want you to think i meant all those things for Sage Stallone. I don't know if it was prescription or non-prescription so it's just sad for now.


                • the-crow2k • 3 years ago



                  • Agent-Cooper • 3 years ago

                    C'mon guys, stop with the "typical rich people to take drugs" argument. You have to be really ignorant to think that poor people don't take drugs or medication aswell. Besides, it is stated that is was most likely prescription medicin. Not that prescription medicin ain't dangerous (cause obviously they are), but this just proves that he most likely had a strong valid reason for taking it whether it was from physical or mental reason (aside from it being legal). It is much easier to take an accidental overdose of prescription medicin than people might think (and can happen alot). RIP man. And yeah, the "Sylvester Stallone has reportedly been a wreck ever since receiving the news of his son's passing" is a bit insensitive not to mention stupid (how did you expect the man to feel?)..


                    • mbrandon11 • 3 years ago

                      "while at Comic-Con 2012, was struck with sad news" B Alan Orange - learn how to write you insensitive bastard! Thats hardly fitting when you're given the most devastating news of your life... twat!


                      • Bill-Louis • 3 years ago



                        • jasonkat • 3 years ago


                          I agree dude!, With all that money these stars have, you would think they'd use it on good sh*t, not getting doped up on pain killers, weed, drugs, or out getting wasted sumwhere.

                          As always, its sad seeing sombody go this way, but at the same time u go .." thats what you get for being stupid" I dont understand these people and i dont think i ever will. srry but i dont have demons in my life to control my life and even if i did, drugs is not the way to go. anyhow..RIP sage! :(


                          • rayzilla • 3 years ago

                            What is it with rich people and drugs, as if money wasn't enough to fullfill their lives. Im not ignorant, im just poor.


                            • supermanvenom • 3 years ago

                              Wow very sad, so young too.


                              • zanyzap • 3 years ago

                                Accidental overdoes are the worst.


                                • SherlockHolmes2009 • 3 years ago

                                  @Dark-White-Knight Yea sucks ass, RIP Sage


                                  • moviegeek • 3 years ago

                                    marry soon? :(


                                    • kguy • 3 years ago

                                      That's sad news :( RIP


                                      • instead8909 • 3 years ago

                                        This is sad, I never knew that he had a son. RIP


                                        • ChiRep-1 • 3 years ago

                                          This happens all too often, RIP.


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