‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’: Shredder and Leonardo Revealed!

Get your first look at the villain played by William Fichtner and a better shot of the turtles' final design in Michael Bay's upcoming adaptation.
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‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’: Shredder and Leonardo Revealed!

http://movieweb.com/teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-are-these-the-final-character-designs/Just a little earlier tonight, we showed you a set of maquettes from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot that possibly reveal what Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo will look like. Now, Comic Book Movie has updated their previous story with even more photos, giving us our first look at William Fichtner's main villain Shredder (the photo is said to be of a maquette as well), and a photo of the missing turtle Leonardo, along with a second maquette photo that offers a better look at Donatello. These photos are said to come from a source 'close to production', but no further information has been revealed.

By request of the studio, these photos have been removed.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was released August 8th, 2014.

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  • PsychoMovieJunkie • 1 year ago

    Is there anything from my childhood that these plagiarists that have taken over Hollywood won't steal?


    • the-crow2k • 2 years ago

      This looks better than expected.


      • therealGoku • 2 years ago

        @BaronSpark@h-ryuga Bay is only producing the film. He's not directing. This is Jonathan Liebesmans movie


        • h-ryuga • 2 years ago


          very well said, the suit does bring distinction to the name


          • h-ryuga • 2 years ago


            isn't M. Bay directing this?


            • BaronSpark • 2 years ago


              Expect an awesome trailer from Michael Bay, making us want to watch this...only to be disappointed in the movie.


              A good origin movie followed by incredibly stupid sequels.

              F@ck You in advance Michael Bay.


              • Number1Wolverine • 2 years ago

                Shredder looks bada**, wow this artwork really gets me excited to see TMNT.


                • cheetoboy • 2 years ago

                  Wow they looks awesome, especially Shredder it looks just like the Original Shredder, they need to hurrt up with a teaser trailer, they are long overdue for that.


                  • bawnian-dexeus • 2 years ago

                    Not gonna lie, I'm somewhat interested in the visual execution based on this design. Looks a bit awkward, especially those arm length. Maybe I'm just nitpicking a little. Shredder looks tough, suprisingly, but concept designs don't always translate well to the big screen and end up being an awkward expensive cosplay. Still apprehensive of previous directions with this reboot, but I can't deny giving credit to these designs, even though I gave up on these characters growing up.


                    • jasonkat • 2 years ago

                      your an idiot if you hate this, this looks baddass! a sort of "turtles3" but way better. they look so kool. and omg shredder looks like a guy you wouldnt wanna mess with, lol


                      • a7sus4 • 2 years ago

                        Wow, very cool


                        • mannishmanu • 2 years ago

                          As a fanboy and someone who loves seeing new take on things and giving them a chance - looks great. Really excited and hope it does well :)


                          • cupid • 2 years ago

                            Looks Sick!!!!


                            • mka47 • 2 years ago

                              looks like there is a little donatello in there as well


                              • monkeyiron2-0 • 2 years ago

                                I'm crying I'm crying for the awesome!!!


                                • mieko-siede • 2 years ago

                                  @Michael-White-32815917 Yes, it is a bit theatrical and overstated. It doesn't give the feeling of functionality in the way a warrior would need, unless there are details to the armor we can't see. But it does bring distinction to the name he uses behind that mask.


                                  • Gaston-Iron-Maiden • 2 years ago



                                    • Daniel-Nava • 2 years ago

                                      look, it's raph. yeah, a litle too ralph


                                      • diaigma • 2 years ago

                                        I think my misgivings about this production have been "shredded" :P


                                        • dfella • 2 years ago

                                          ok ok ok well see...


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