‘Terminator Salvation’ Movie Prequel Arrives!

IDW Publishing debuts a comic book prequel.
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This month, IDW Publishing is debuting the comic book prequel to Terminator Salvation, McG's post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi adventure that opens in theaters on May 22.

http://movieweb.com/movie/terminator-salvation/photos/PG14k7612lGV36/Terminator Salvation Movie Prequel Image #1

http://movieweb.com/movie/terminator-salvation/photos/PG14k7612lGV36/Terminator Salvation Movie Prequel Image #2

"Terminator: Salvation Movie Prequel" is written by Dara Naraghi ("Lifelike") with art by Alan Robinson and cover by Nick Runge.

The year is 2018. With John Connor as the voice of the resistance, the scattered remnants of humanity find themselves united against their common enemy: Skynet and its Terminators. Through a patchwork system of radio transmitters, hacked satellite phones, and encrypted computer networks, resistance leader Elena Maric in Detroit, and Nigerian mining engineer Bem Aworuwa, have formed an unlikely friendship and drawn up battle plans to take the fight to the Terminators!

Like the film they tie-in to, IDW's Terminator comics will push the timeline of the franchise past Judgment Day and into all new territory, allowing for stories and visuals previously only hinted at on film. The series will take the core concept of the Terminator films and give them a more global scope showing not just John Connor, but other humans who are either trying to survive or are actively part of the resistance. Writer Dara Naraghi says he was interested in exploring new themes-not just the action of a monumental battles, but also the game of basic survival the characters find themselves facing in such a war torn and desolate future.

"All over the world, people find themselves having to band together regardless of what their previous station in life or prejudices might have been," Naraghi explained.

FC • 32 pages • $3.99 Diamond order code: NOV084118

Terminator Salvation was released May 21st, 2009.

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  • shadowsc • 7 years ago

    awesome art work lmao starbucks had to get in the cover


    • thedarkknight23 • 7 years ago

      SICK SH*T


      • insertusernamehere • 7 years ago

        Not all comics are $4, most are $3. This is probably getting an extra dollar attached because it ties in with a big summer movie release and they know people like us will buy it lol They do it with event mini-series, too. Secret Invasion was the regular 22 pages after the first issue, but they were still $4...ridiculous, but, like I said, I still bought it ha


        • narrator • 7 years ago

          So looking at this, it looks awesome.


          • buriblazing • 7 years ago

            this is rad!


            • asif • 7 years ago



              • pandemicwarz0ne • 7 years ago

                It's kinda ridiculous, I mean literlly, $4 for one issue, come on

                oh well I will order this with my star trek: countdown issue, when it comes out


                • m-man360 • 7 years ago

                  It really has screwed thing's up.


                  • m-man360 • 7 years ago

                    I'm collecting these, but the economy crisis is has really screwed thing's up they're so expensive.

                    Lucky for me i get comic book's for free.


                    • indianajones • 7 years ago



                      • memo17 • 7 years ago

                        Very Cool.........!


                        • err2005 • 7 years ago

                          holy sh*t comic books are four bucks now?

                          thats f*cking nonsense. last time i bought a comic book they were $1.25 and $2.50 for like a deluxe edition or a special edition, but i guess that was like uh... carry the one... it was a long time ago.


                          • instead8909 • 7 years ago

                            Ths is a comic book set before the film. How in Mercules name is this a prequel? Is this a film? No it isn't. If this was a film then its a prequel but it's not.

                            Though it does look cool.


                            • vampire2000 • 7 years ago

                              ...Interesting, I guess...


                              • the-tall-guy • 7 years ago

                                It looks f*cking awsome. Maybe if there's something in the movie I don't understand, I can read this to clear anything up.


                                • insertusernamehere • 7 years ago



                                  • brian • 7 years ago



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