‘ThanksKilling 3’ 'Turkey Fight' and 'Pluckmaster 3000' Clips

The villainous Turkie is back, determined to find the final copy of ‘ThanksKilling 2’ in this outlandish comedy, playing select theaters this November.
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‘ThanksKilling 3’ 'Turkey Fight' and 'Pluckmaster 3000' Clips

If you think about it, there really aren't a whole lot of movies dedicated to the Thanksgiving holiday. Sure, there are loads of Christmas movies, but, somehow, this holiday where families give thanks has gone unnoticed in the filmmaking community. This year, we give thanks for the outrageous ThanksKilling 3, serving up a generous holiday meal of blood, gore, and foul language aplenty. Today, we have four new clips from this outlandish horror comedy, which follows the villainous bird Turkie trying to get his hands on the last copy of ThanksKilling 2. Check out these scenes before stuffing your face with real turkey next week. You can also CLICK HERE to order the full movie through iTunes, and CLICK HERE to watch via Amazon Instant Video.

ThanksKilling 3 was released November 1st, 2012.

Sources: Gravitas Ventures

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