‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Video Teases a New Costume with Bigger Eyes

Director Marc Webb unveils a mysterious split-second look at the changes being made in this Marvel sequel.
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‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Video Teases a New Costume with Bigger Eyes

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is currently in its ninth day of production, with director Marc Webb continuing to post new images from the set on his personal Twitter account. Today, the filmmaker shares a bizarre quick-cut video that offers a brief (blink and you will miss it) tease at Peter Parker's new Spider-Man costume. If you look very, very closely, towards the middle of the video, you will see Spidey's updated lens from the hood of his costume. Its possible that you will watch the video, and claim to have seen nothing, so we've also included a photo.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Costume Photo

Back in November, Marc Webb revealed a few things about this new costume during a Twitter Q&A.

"Bigger eyes. Gnarly web shooters."

If you watched the video, you know that its too hard to tell at this point how much of a change has been made to the red and blue costume. Might Peter Parker already be gearing up to wear the iconic black and white costume that debuted in the 80s? Or are they saving that for after the death of Gwen Stacy? Hopefully we get to see the full version of this updated costume very soon. When we do, we will definitely share it with you.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was released May 2nd, 2014.

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  • undeadslayer4 • 3 years ago

    they shouldn't have put that 9 second clip on there


    • Agent-Cooper • 3 years ago

      @the-crow2k It shows him getting the basic blueprints (or whatever you wanna call it) and idea for the webshooters from Oscorp. Then you see him experimenting (trial and error) before he makes something that works. As for the suit it shows him getting the basic idea from a sort of gymnast suit that he modifies (you see him sewing etc.) and puts stuff like the eyes/glasses in (which he got from sunglasses). So really the movie shows quite alot of how he made all that stuff (without having to go into every single detail).


      • the-crow2k • 3 years ago

        @ROFLitschristian Where exactly did you see him making the suit?

        You don't know even how he made the web-shooters.

        It was just a 2 takes of him building them without any explanation and next take was with him wearing the suit and jumping off building with the web-shooters.

        You never see him making the suit or even trying to prepare it. You just get the idea after he falls into the ring.


        • Joo-Mendes • 3 years ago

          I think Gwen Stacy is die in this movie. because I know they were casting extras for a "funeral scene" to be shot in london toward the end of february, if its not hers then i dont know who it might be


          • dan1 • 3 years ago

            So exciting.


            • ejk1 • 3 years ago

              Because this will make the story better...


              • corey • 3 years ago



                • ROFLitschristian • 3 years ago

                  I like that they're made out of glasses. Loved how they showed that he had to build his from scratch, not just have him draw one and it instantly comes to life like Maguire's.


                  • moviemaniac66 • 3 years ago

                    Quit blue balling, Webb!


                    • bawnian-dexeus • 3 years ago



                      • jptheredskull • 3 years ago



                        • monkeyiron2-0 • 3 years ago

                          Marc Webb is a big c*ck tease man lol


                          • ghostman • 3 years ago



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