‘The Avengers’ Moves to Cleveland

New tax incentives have lured the Marvel superhero production to Ohio, and the surrounding Cuyahoga County area.
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Marvel will shoot The Avengers in Cleveland Marvel's upcoming superhero ensemble The Avengers will be shooting in Cleveland, Ohio and in the areas surrounding Cuyahoga County, marking the largest movie project to ever shoot in that state.

We reported last month that The Avengers pulled out of shooting in Detroit, after the state government proposed a bill that would drastically cut tax credit incentives for movie productions. It seems The Avengers has now found a suitable replacement for Detroit. Marvel co-president Louis D'Esposito cited Ohio's tax incentives as a key factor in choosing the state.

The Avengers will begin production in April, with filming slated to last through September. The production will also film in New Mexico and New York, although it isn't clear when The Avengers will shoot in any of the three states.

The Ohio Film Tax Credit Law was passed in July 2009, with more than $12 million in credits already approved for a dozen productions. $17 million in credits is still available to movies until July 30.

Joss Whedon will direct The Avengers from a script by Zak Penn.

Marvel's The Avengers was released May 4th, 2012.

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  • dan1 • 5 years ago

    It's obvious that when the movie comes out, everybody is gonna be focused like a laser on Ruffalo. The slightest mistake on his part, and people will exploit it mercilessly. They haven't even started yet, and he's catching hell for his 'Jew fro'. I personally think he'll do fine. Let's just commit him to several movies and no more recasting, and people will eventually stop acting butt hurt over Norton. Norton is awesome, I love the guy and hope to see him in more great roles, but I've gotten over the whole 'if he isn't Hulk, f*ck you' thing.


    • gonzo23 • 5 years ago

      @Diaigma- yeah dude look at Ruffalos hair. That's what the hulks hair is gonna look like.

      @bane5000- I hope they keep it the same too


      • bane5000 • 5 years ago

        @gonzo23... I hope not, they shouldnt change the design of the Hulk, just cuz another actor is playing him doesnt mean they have to make the Hulk look exaclty like him.Make Ruffalo cut his hair i say :D


        • err2005 • 5 years ago



          • spludge • 5 years ago

            crap I'll be in Cleaveland till April 2nd on business, I wish I could see this in action


            • diaigma • 5 years ago

              Wherever, just make the thing and do it right! :P

              @gonzo23 - really?


              • thedude1 • 5 years ago

                This is a great place to film a movie. Cleveland Rocks!!!


                • shuabert • 5 years ago

                  Well it's not like these "moves" have affected the film at all because they haven't started shooting it yet. It makes sense that they're shopping the film around for the location that makes the most financial sense.


                  • fanboy • 5 years ago

                    Wow! Lets hope this is final and they don't move it AGAIN!


                    • kguy • 5 years ago

                      MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!


                      • furankisan • 5 years ago

                        "How far to do you want me to pull back?' "How about Cleveland?" After camera man on tv soap opera see's Dustin Hoffman as Tootsie for the first time. Next stop New Jersey! (relax got good friends there)


                        • ejk1 • 5 years ago

                          Detroit's loss is Cleveland's gain.


                          • thedude-abides • 5 years ago

                            This is hilarious to me on ssoooo many levels.


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