‘The Citizen’ Trailer

Khaled Nabawy, William Atheron, and Cary Elwes star in this drama about an immigrant who arrives in American the day before 9-11.
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‘The Citizen’ Trailer

The first trailer has debuted for The Citizen, making its official North American debut at the Heartland Film Festival October 22. Egyptian actor Khaled Nabawy stars as Ibrahim, an immigrant who arrives in New York City September 10, 2001. Take a look at the first footage from this upcoming drama, also starring Agnes Bruckner, William Atherton, and Cary Elwes.

The Citizen tells the story of an Arab immigrant named Ibrahim (played by celebrated Egyptian actor Khaled Nabawy from Fair Game) who wins the American green card lottery, arriving in New York City on September 10th, 2001. In addition to Nabawy, the film's cast includes Agnes Bruckner (Blood and Chocolate), William Atherton (Ghostbusters) and Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride).

The Citizen was released in 2012.

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  • rulirola • 3 years ago

    sounds very interesting...looking forward to watching it!


    • mcleve02 • 3 years ago

      Just what we all need... another movie circled around racism... Yes we are a very racist country we get that... not going to fix itself ever... unfortunately...


      • cupid • 3 years ago

        Looks good, and i usually hate 9/11 movies.


        • tekkamandan • 3 years ago

          Typo in the first September 10, it says 2011.


          • felipe-11 • 3 years ago

            Interesting, I'll try to catch it.


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