The Dark Knight Rises Dr. Hugo Strange Rumor Reignited by Bald Headed Tom Hardy

The actor was recently spotted with a shaved head and a beard, offering fans another reason to believe he is Batman's main villain.
BYB. Alan Orange | January 11th, 2011

It has long been speculated and rumored that Tom Hardy will be playing Dr. Hugo Strange in The Dark Knight Rises, appearing in a script that is rumored to be based on the Batman graphic novel Prey. In what many of you will call non-news, Hardy recently appeared in public sporting a shaved head and beard growth, which is now inflaming fan speculation that the Inception actor really is playing Dr. Hugo Strange. As there is no other reason for him to be shaving his head with The Dark Knight Rises set to shoot very soon. You can check out the images of Tom Hardy below, which also find him wearing a hat. Is he hiding something more than just a baldhead? Only time will tell:

The Dark Knight Rises: Set Photos #2

The Dark Knight Rises: Set Photos #1

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