‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Operation Early Bird Revealed!

40 cities across the United States, Canada, and the UK will screen ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ prologue early at 10 pm on Tuesday, December 13th.
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On http://movieweb.com/the-dark-knight-rises-viral-campaign-begins/Wednesday, Warner Bros. and Christopher Nolan kicked off their The Dark Knight Rises viral campaign with a fake CIA "bulletin" for a missing Russian scientist named Leonid Pavel (Alon Aboutboul). A second CIA "document" reveals a redacted transcript, which also relates to the "missing" Dr. Pavel.

Then on http://movieweb.com/the-dark-knight-rises-launches-operation-early-bird/Thursday, a third document centering on Alon Aboutboul's character, Dr. Leonid Pavel, was revealed, along with the website OperationEarlyBird.com, which contained a clock counting down to 10:00 am this Friday morning. This was all believed to be leading up to "a major cultural event."

It has been confirmed that Alon Aboutboul's Leonid Pavel is a central character in The Dark Knight Rises prologue, which will be in IMAX theaters staring December 16th, attached to IMAX prints of Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol. And now, the clock has ticked to zero.

What does it reveal?

A map with various different coordinates, leading to various cities across the United States, letting fans know when and where they can see The Dark Knight Rises prologue early. It will screen in 35 cities at 10 pm on Tuesday, December 13th. You can see if there is a green dot in the map image below that is near you. Then click here to get your tickets: CLICK HERE

Operation Early Bird map


United States

  • IMAX Theatre: Riverfront Park, North 507 Howard Street, Spokane, WA 99201 US

    Hackworth IMAX Dome Theatre: The Tech Museum of Innovation, 201 South Market Street, San Jose, CA 95113-2008, US

    AMC IMAX Theatre Metreon: 101 4th Street (Enter on Howard Street), San Francisco, CA 94103, US

    Citywalk Stadium 19 with IMAX: Universal City Cinemas, 100 Universal Plaza, Citywalk, Universal City, Los Angeles, CA 91608, US

    Ontario Palace Stadium 22 + IMAX: Regal Ontario 22 Cinemas, 4900 East Fourth St., Ontario, CA 91764, US

    Irvine Spectrum 20 + IMAX: Irvine Spectrum, 65 Fortune Drive, Irvine, CA 92618, US

    Desert IMAX Theatre: Desert IMAX Theatre, 68510 East Palm Canyon Dr., Cathedral City, CA 92234, US

    Arizona Mills 25 with IMAX: Arizona Mills, 5000 Arizona Mills Circle, Suite 667, Tempe, AZ 85283, US

    MAX Theater Austin: The Bob Bollock Texas State History Museum, 1800 North Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78701, US

    Star Cinema 16 with IMAX: Star Cinema 17 and IMAX, 3220 23rd Ave., Council Bluffs, IA 51503, US

    Great Clips IMAX: Great Clips at Minnesota Zoo, 12000 Zoo Blvd., Apple Valley, MN 55124, US

    Star 18 Fitchburg with IMAX: Star Cinema, 6091 McKee Road, Fitchburg, WI 53719, US

    Navy Pier IMAX Theatre: Navy Pier, 700 East Grand Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60611, US

    Opry Mills Stadium 20 + IMAX: Opry Mills Stadium 20 + IMAX, 570 Opry Mills Drive, Nashville, TN 37214, US

    McWane IMAX, Birmingham: McWane Center, 200 19th Street North, Birmingham, AL 35203, US

    AutoNation IMAX: Museum of Discovery and Science, 401 S.W. 2nd St., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312-1707, US

    Henry Ford IMAX: Henry Ford Museum, 20900 Oakwood Blvd., Dearborn, MI 48121-1970, US

    Rangos Imax: Carnegie Science Center, One Allegheny Ave., Pittsburgh, PA, 15212, US

    Johnson IMAX, Washington DC: Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, 10th & Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20560, US

    Udvar-Hazy Center IMAX: NASM Steve F. Udvar-Hazy Center, 14390 Air & Space Museum Parkway, Chantilly, VA 20151, US

    IMAX & The Tropicana: IMAX & The Tropicana, Brighton & The Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401-6390, US

    Tuttleman IMAX - Franklin Institute: Franklin Institute Science Museum, 222 N. 20th St., Philadelphia, PA 19103, US

    Lincoln Square 13 with IMAX: AMC Lincoln Square, 1998 Broadway & 68th St., New York, NY 10023, US

    Palisades IMAX: IMAX Theatres at Palisades Center, 4270 Palisades Center Drive, West Nyack, NY 10994, US

    Maritime IMAX, Norwalk: The Maritime Aquarium, 10 North Water Street, Norwalk, CT 06854, US

    Providence Place 16 with IMAX: IMAX Feinstein Theatre at Providence Place, 9 Providence Place, Suite R2, Providence, RI 02903, US

    Jordan's Furniture IMAX: 1 Underprice Way, Natick, MA 01760, US

    Simons IMAX (New England Aquarium): New England Aquarium, Central Wharf, Boston, MA 02110, US


  • National Geographic, Victoria: National Geographic IMAX Theatre, 675 Belleville Street, Victoria, BC V8W 1A1, Canada

    Silvery City Riverport 18 + IMAX: Cineplex Galaxy Silver City Riverport, 14211 Entertainment Way, Richmond, BC V6W 1K4, Canada

    Colussus Langley + IMAX: Cineplex Galaxy Colussus, 20090-91A Avenue, Langley, BC V1M 3Y9, Canada

    Cineplex Galaxy Coliseum: 309 Rathburn Road West, Mississauga, ON L5B 4C1, Canada

    Cineplex Galaxy Colossus: 3555 Highway 7 West, Woodbridge/Vaughan, ON L4L 6B, Canada

    SilverCity Gloucester + IMAX: SilverCity Gloucester, 2385 City Park Drive, Ottawa, ON K1G 1G1, Canada

    IMAX Le Theatre: Les Galeries de la Capitale, 5401 Boul Des Galeries

    Quebec City, QC G2K 1N4, Canada


  • BFI IMAX: BFI IMAX, 1 Charlie Chaplin Walk, South Bank, Waterloo, London, SE1 8XR, UK

    The Printworks: The Printworks, 27 Withy Grove, City Centre, Manchester,, M4 2BS, UK

    National Media Museum: National Media Museum, Bradford, BD1 1NQ, UK

    Glasgow Science Center: Glasgow Science Center, 50 Pacific Quay, Glasgow, G51 1EA, UK

The Dark Knight Rises was released July 20th, 2012.

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  • bane5000 • 4 years ago

    Got my passes for tonight, cant wait :D


    • thedude1 • 4 years ago

      @moviegeek I have been to movie screenings for many awful movies and they were sold out. We aren't talking about one of those movies. We are talking about the biggest movie of 2012 hands down. Yes I know it is not the entire movie but is just the first 7 minutes but even still. Hardcore fanboys like myself will line up 3 hours early just to see that first 7 minutes.

      I guarantee most of these screenings will have sellouts or very close to sellouts.


      • felipe-11 • 4 years ago

        Sh*t, the one in DC is already full. They could have at least had multiple screenings, like one every half hour for 2 or 3 hours.


        • moviegeek • 4 years ago

          @thedude1 I really doubt it will be that mad. Seriously. I doubt most of these will sell out.


          • moviegeek • 4 years ago

            Lame haha.


            • dark-env • 4 years ago

              Got my ticket for Charlotte, so glad they decided to do this, otherwise I'd have to go to Tennessee to see it with Mission Impossible and I just don't think it'd be worth the 6 hour drive LOL


              • zenttox • 4 years ago

                Why waste time and money when you can see it for free online. Plus, this was just disappointing like them movie will be. Already heard disappointment about Banes muffled voice and stupid BRITISH accent.


                • slysnide • 4 years ago

                  @ejk1: Ditto.

                  @thedude1: Yeah I know, but it worked last time. ;)


                  • ejk1 • 4 years ago

                    @slysnide It's just not worth spending over 30 bucks to get to the city, and missing work, just for seven minutes of film. More power to @thedude1 and anyone else able to get there, but for me this is a no-go.


                    • ROFLitschristian • 4 years ago

                      I'm with @themoviefanatic. I'm a skeezball that way.


                      • thedude1 • 4 years ago

                        @slysnide It is going to be very hard for this to be filmed. I go to screenings like this all the time. They don't allow any cell phones and you are subject to a pat down and or wanded.


                        • themoviefanatic • 4 years ago

                          I'll be keeping an eye out on the internet for the Prologue and next trailer the Dark Knight rises for the next several days, if they will be released on the internet sometime soon. Does anyone know for sure if both of them, will both be released on the internet with in the next several days from now?


                          • slysnide • 4 years ago

                            @ejk1: It'll probably be leaked online within 24hrs afterwords, like the "TDK" prologue, except perhaps someone will have the common sense to shoot the whole screen rather than half of it, or at least an angled shot from one side of the theater as you wouldn't get the whole screen sitting in the middle. Same goes for the trailer being released next Friday. It'll either get an official release that weekend, or be leaked online.


                            • thedude1 • 4 years ago

                              Got my free tickets. Just have to get there a few hours early because that place will be a mad house.


                              • ejk1 • 4 years ago

                                It doesn't seem worth going to NYC just for seven minutes of footage.


                                • slysnide • 4 years ago

                                  @jokers-wild-x: The prologue's perfect to go first as it's the chronological first moment of the film, and given how vague trailer 1 was, then the prologue will really be the first look at the film. From what I understand Bane's voice is hard to understand due to the mask and heavy accent, something Nolan admitted at the premiere he did intentionally to get people to see the film more than once. He also insists one needs to see this in IMAX.


                                  • jokers-wild-x • 4 years ago

                                    Though this begs the question, why the hell is the Prologue showing before the trailer?

                                    I mean... isn't that a bit backwards?

                                    Shouldn't it be,




                                    Trailer 2,

                                    TV Spots.


                                    • bawnian-dexeus • 4 years ago

                                      So not in Tucson? Oh well, that sucks. Too good to be true


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