‘The Girl Who Played with Fire’ May Move Forward Without David Fincher

‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ director may not be available for the sequel, so the studio has reinvigorated the project with Andrew Kevin Walker taking the wheel.
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‘The Girl Who Played with Fire’ May Move Forward Without David Fincher

The Girl Who Played With Fire gets writer Andrew Kevin Walker Sony is moving forward with their sequel to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo remake, The Girl Who Played with Fire, bringing Andrew Kevin Walker on board to write the screenplay.

The studio is reportedly considering moving forward without The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo director David Fincher, if he is not available. The filmmaker has a number of projects on his plate, including Gone Girl and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Captain Nemo. While insiders claim that Sony would love to see the filmmaker return, the hiring of his Seven screenwriter does not guarantee that he will come back.

Steven Zaillian was initially hired to write The Girl Who Played with Fire, and insiders claim that Andrew Kevin Walker isn't necessarily rewriting that draft, but going in a completely new direction.

It still isn't known when production may begin. There is a window in early 2014 when stars Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig are available, but a start date has yet to be confirmed.

The Girl Who Played with Fire is in development .

Sources:The Wrap

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  • James-Walker-16113601 • 2 years ago

    Fincher better get back on the boat...cause this boat under his direction will be magnificent....He did the first movie perfectly It is far better than the Sweedish original (I know thats odd..and a testatment to how good Fincher is) hopefully he continues this franchise to its fruition...


    • XxNickTheFilmCriticXx • 2 years ago

      Really don't like the sound of this. Unless someone like Darren Aronofsky is the following choice, I don't see this project reaching it's full potential.


      • ed-wood • 2 years ago

        I really hope Fincher comes back for this one. I really like what he did with Dragon Tattoo and would like the trilogy to have the same director.


        • felipe-11 • 2 years ago

          Shame, I enjoyed the american version immensely and would love for Fincher to come back.

          Sony's to blame for not having the balls to shoot the whole trilogy back-to-back. Fincher's a busy guy.


          • artkid04 • 2 years ago

            well, lets hope the sequels turn out better than the originals


            • shuabert • 2 years ago

              They don't really need Fincher, as there are any number of American directors who could handle this story well. But they may have a difficult time getting Daniel Craig back if Fincher isn't helming (Craig said he wanted to do the movie with Fincher) and with his Bond commitment.


              • dan1 • 2 years ago



                • mka47 • 2 years ago

                  no bueno


                  • bawnian-dexeus • 2 years ago

                    That's a shame


                    • narrator • 2 years ago

                      Thumbs up for Andrew Kevin Walker, but thumbs down for Fincher possibly not returning unless they offer a fantastic replacement choice.


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