CBS Films has unveiled the first TV spot, a new poster, and three photos from The Last Exorcism Part II, director Ed Gass-Donnelly's horror sequel that picks up right where The Last Exorcism left off. Ashley Bell returns as the tormented Nell Sweetzer, who moves from rural Louisiana to New Orleans, to try and get her life back together, unable to remember entire portions of her terrifying ordeal in the woods. Unfortunately for her (and fortunately for horror fans), the demonic force that once resided inside her is back. Take a look at the latest body-twisting footage and images from this terrifying follow-up.

<em>The Last Exorcism Part II</em> Poster 2

<em>The Last Exorcism Part II</em> Photo 1

<em>The Last Exorcism Part II</em> Photo 2

<em>The Last Exorcism Part II</em> Photo 3