The Lords of Salem 'We've Always Been Waiting' Poster

Director Rob Zombie's thriller takes us to present-day Salem, Massachusetts, where a local DJ receives a horrific recording.
BYBrian Gallagher | January 29th, 2013
The Lords of Salem 'We've Always Been Waiting' Poster

Arriving in theaters April 26 is The Lords of Salem, director Rob Zombie's new thriller that puts a present-day spin on the Salem Witch Trials from hundreds of years ago. Sheri Moon Zombie stars as Heidi, a local Salem DJ who receives a recording that triggers a flashback to a violent and traumatic incident in her past, and may indicate that the vengeful Lords of Salem are returning for blood. Take a look at this eerily colorful one-sheet featuring either a maniacal Norwegian black metal fan, or one of these bloodthirsty Lords.

The Lords of Salem We've Been Waiting We've Always Been Waiting Poster

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