‘The Purge 2’ Promo Art

There are only 170 days left until his horror sequel hits theaters. Will you be ready for the latest Blumhouse Productions' thriller?
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‘The Purge 2’ Promo Art

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  • therealGoku • 2 years ago

    @superman81 I respectfully disagree. The concept was great... Could have been made into something good... But the actual movie itself was beyond horrible


    • superman81 • 2 years ago

      the Purge was a decent movie and should have spawned a bigger budget with better actors but instead it looks as though they went with some B level actors


      • mr-k • 2 years ago

        Well then, let the sh*t storm begins...


        • ed-wood • 2 years ago

          I'm interested to see if they take a different approach this time. The first one was pretty cool.


          • bellandedward1 • 2 years ago

            Never seen the first one since it look stupid since I watch some good horror flicks time to time but not the first purge nor will I watch the sequel Hollywood needs to make movies that are worth peoples time instead of making Carly sequels that no one wants to see and if no one from the first purge is going to be in the sequel then its not going to work out anyway


            • Celestialforthcoming • 2 years ago

              the purge was utter stupidity by incompetent story tellers.


              • kingbrady • 2 years ago

                Michael K Williams? lol oh boy


                • 2movieguys • 2 years ago

                  ridiculous ...


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