‘The Scorpion King 3’ Begins Shooting in Thailand

Ron Perlman, Billy Zane, and Victor Webster star in the continuing adventures of this home video franchise.
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The Scorpion King 3 begins shooting in Thailand A legendary hero returns to fight his most fearsome adversary as an all-new adventure unfolds in The Scorpion King 3, now shooting in Thailand. Steeped in intrigue, sorcery and romance and featuring more of the spectacular action, mind-boggling stunts and astonishing plot twists that have made The Scorpion King franchise an outstanding addition to Universal Studios Home Entertainment's groundbreaking DVD Originals™ line, The Scorpion King 3 is slated for release on DVD in early 2012.

Picking up where The Scorpion King 2: Rise of a Warrior left off, The Scorpion King 3 continues the story of Mathayus, now the deposed leader of an ancient desert empire, as he faces the most terrifying challenge of his life. The film, which began shooting on October 29 in and around Bangkok, introduces an all new cast featuring Victor Webster (Surrogates) as Mathayus; Ron Perlman (Conan) as Horus, the powerful King of Egypt; Billy Zane (The Roommate) as the conniving King Talus; UFC star Kimbo Slice as Zulu Kondo; Bostin Christopher as Mathayus' comrade-in-arms Olaf (Unbreakable); WWE champion Dave Bautista as Agromael; Selina Lo (28 Weeks Later) as Tsukai; Krystal Vee (Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li) as the beautiful princess Silda and Temuera Morrison (Green Lantern) as the ill-fated King Ramusan.

"The Scorpion King 3 raises the bar for DVD Originals, encompassing the most stunning action, visual effects and production values to date, including a cast of over 400 warriors and elephants," said Glenn Ross, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Universal Home Entertainment Productions. "The The Scorpion King saga, with its compelling characters, engaging storyline and non-stop action, is a perfect complement to Universal's hugely popular and successful DVD Originals offerings."

The Scorpion King 3 is directed by Roel Reiné (Death Race 2). Leslie Belzberg (Beer For My Horses) is the producer along with executive producers Stephen Sommers, Sean Daniel, Jim Jacks and Kevin Misher. The film's production team includes director of photography Roel Reiné, production designers Kuladee 'Gai' Suchatanun and Patrix 'Pae' Meesaiyaat and editors Radu Ion and Matthew Friedman.

As The Scorpion King 3 begins, Mathayus has lost his beloved queen and been driven from his former kingdom by a virulent plague. Now, an assassin for hire, Mathayus is dispatched by Horus, the King of Egypt, to protect his ally King Ramusan from imminent attack. In return for his services, he is promised Ramusan's daughter Silda in marriage, as well as the legendary Eye of the Gods medallion, which imparts supernatural powers to its wearer. But to collect the reward, he will have to first rescue the princess, who is being held captive by Talus, the scheming brother of Horus. Mathayus agrees to the perilous mission, but the evil that lies in wait for him will challenge even his cunning and strength in a staggering test of courage unlike any he has faced before.

The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption was released January 17th, 2012.

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  • instead8909 • 4 years ago

    The Mummy 2 and The Scorpion King were great to watch, but TSK2 sucked. I hate to say this but TSK2 needs to be redone with better actors, I didn't like the fact that it was a prequel.

    Just write the script and make the film longer, in my eye The Rock is the Scorpion King.


    • nawtnt • 5 years ago

      The story sounds great and the cast is good: Victor Webster, Ron Perlman, Temuera Morrison, Billy Zane, Kimbo Salico and Dave Bastia.

      It is being directed by Roel Reiné who made Death Race 2 which I thought I was ok and has Stephen Sommers as the executive producer who made The Mummy series.

      What would make the film more better in my opinon is that Billy Zane is of course the villian but he should have Dave Bastia and Kimb Salico as his henchmen which would make the film longer and have more fight scenes as these two guys are huge where one is a WWE champion and the other is UFC star.

      I hope this film will be great.


      • skywise • 5 years ago

        UFC star Kimbo slice??? That is a joke right?


        • pointystick • 5 years ago

          and wushu star Selina Lo from china and britain is playing one of the leads. She is about as hot as ten Kelly Hu's combined. So I am actually looking forward to this. :P


          • pointystick • 5 years ago

            rumour has it that Ong Bak stunt team is doing the stunts with Dean Alexandrou and Tim Man. .. ie the action ought to be sick.


            • comicbookfan • 5 years ago

              I am only for this if they finally show Mathayus becoming the man-scorpion creature beast at the end. I think it's time to wrap The Scorpion King story up and tie it into The Mummy Returns. I knew they were going to make this a trilogy when they didn't set that up at the end of The Scorpion King prequel with The Rock. Last installment, it's time to tell that story now. Eye of the Gods medallion, evil that lies in wait for him, and Stephen Sommers as executive producer? All very nice.


              • emmytt • 5 years ago



                • elmaschingon • 5 years ago

                  the first one was good. i liked it, because of the rock. but the second was crap. and now the third? wtf? any new ideas hollywood? please? no? -.-


                  • shuabert • 5 years ago

                    I didn't even know there was a Scorpion King 2. I liked the first one, but mostly just because of The Rock.


                    • playhouse • 5 years ago

                      I can't believe this character has made it to 4 films now. Much as I like the Rock, the Scorpion King was easily the worst part of a lackluster sequel in 'The Mummy Returns'. The spinoffs have done nothing to improve on him.


                      • dan1 • 5 years ago

                        The 1st one was terrible, the 2nd was even worse. This is just beating a dead horse.


                        • tyranus • 5 years ago

                          sounds awful, the first was bad enough


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