‘The Three Musketeers’ Banner

Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and D'Artagnan prepare for an all-new adventure in Paul W.S. Anderson's 3D update of this iconic tale.
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‘The Three Musketeers’ Banner

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  • ownsin • 4 years ago

    Looks like a crap fest... Pass.


    • Michelle-Griebenow • 4 years ago

      Can't wait !!! =D


      • jimthar • 4 years ago

        i'll give it a shot. though i still have the charlie sheen/kiefer sutherland film in my head so we'll see what happens. if i see it, it'll be in 2D though. 3D is f*cking lame. especially in a movie like this.


        • cupid • 4 years ago



          • gabe-campbell • 4 years ago

            No this sh*t look like a rip off of pirates of the caribbean just stop


            • GL-TDK-TF • 4 years ago

              wow what such crap they present to us!

              they might as well just show only the title itself.


              • Dragon1991 • 4 years ago

                Every bad director can still impress, but this isn't one of those movies.


                • 2movieguys • 4 years ago

                  This is not working for me ...one film I will skip!!!!


                  • Brizzy • 4 years ago

                    lookin forward to seeing it, stop with the bashing people, you haven't even seen the damn thing yet.


                    • ghostman • 4 years ago



                      • themoviefanatic • 4 years ago

                        Is ithis movie coming out on October 14th or October 21st ?


                        • summit10 • 4 years ago

                          very decent cast but it looks like a crossover of LXG and Star Dust i hope it they can pull it off!


                          • dan1 • 4 years ago

                            Dog sh*t.


                            • skywise • 4 years ago

                              I love the cast they pulled together but i know that Anderson will waste them. I really have low expectations for th is film but in a way that might be a good thing. Since i expect it to be so bad i might actually be able to enjoy it.

                              If that makes sense...


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