‘The Wolverine’ Battles the Silver Samurai in New International TV Spot

Hugh Jackman makes his way to Japan at a time when he is most vulnerable in this sequel from director James Mangold.
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‘The Wolverine’ Battles the Silver Samurai in New International TV Spot

In director James Mangold's The Wolverine, Logan (Hugh Jackman) is given the choice of a lifetime: To become a mortal human or suffer forever as an immortal Mutant with healing powers. A new international TV spot offers exciting footage of The Wolverine battling The Silver Samurai, in domestic theaters July 26 and in select international markets on July 25.

The Wolverine was released July 26th, 2013.

Sources: 20th Century Fox

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  • brandon-scott-todd • 2 years ago

    @Kill-Bill I understand, but I'm not saying its a full fledged verbatim depiction of the Japanese saga. It's a comic book film adaptation LOOSELY BASED upon Miller and Claremont's Japanese Saga. Even Mangold and Jackman themselves I believe have come out and said that specific storyline is the source material for this film. By that I mean it will be Wolverine in Japan, fighting Samurai, Lady Viper, and ultimately Silver Samurai. The losing the regeneration, and the themes of Loss and the burden of Immortality will be icing on the cake; Mangold will deliver that well, I find him to be a pretty darn good filmmaker.


    • Kill-Bill • 2 years ago

      @brandon-scott-todd It differs much from the Japan saga. The main plot, Wolvie loses his powers, is never apart of the comic


      • skywise • 2 years ago

        @brandon-scott-todd To this day I still feel that Claremont was the best writer to ever work on X Men.


        • brandon-scott-todd • 2 years ago

          Now this is the next comic book adaption I think will be pretty epic and great. The Wolverine Frank Miller and Claremont "Japan Saga" on film? That's great simply in a sentence, manifested on the big screen will be awesome; no doubt about that.


          • therealGoku • 2 years ago



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