'Thor' News

A New Rumor Has Chris Hemsworth Starring as Thor

The actor is also signed to play the lead in a remake of Red Dawn.

B. Alan Orange

Marvel's President of Production Discusses Thor and The Avengers

Kevin Feige gives the low-down on the status of Marvel's upcoming crop of superhero films.

Natalie Portman Up for Female Lead in Thor?

Is the actress going from outer-space queen to norse warrior goddess?

Jon Favreau to Direct The Avengers?

Did an inside source at Marvel spill the beans on The Avengers, Thor and Fox's Daredevil and Fantastic Four?

Marvel Updates Film Release Schedule

Thor and The Avengers will each be delayed a year, while Spider-Man 4 gets a firm release date.

Could Josh Hartnett Be Loki in Thor?

More casting rumors for Marvel's next big superhero film comes out.

Will Alexander Skarsgard Be Thor?

Kenneth Branagh may be close to picking his Thunder God.

Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury Signs for 9 Marvel Movies!

The actor signs an astounding nine-picture deal with the studio.

Brian Gallagher

Marvel Studios Gives Us a Production Update

Release date for Thor set, and Iron Man 2 gets a filming start date.

Kevin McKidd Out as Thor?

A newly released casting call shows that Kenneth Branagh is looking for a leading man to play Marvel's Thunder God.

Will Donald Blake Appear in Thor's Big Screen Debut?

The character is rumored to connect this stand-alone project to the upcoming Avengers movie.

B. Alan Orange

Kevin McKidd Still in Talks for Thor

The Grey's Anatomy and Rome actor talks about vying for the title character.

Brian Gallagher

Robert Downey Jr. Dishes on The Avengers

The Iron Man and Iron Man 2 star talks about the insanely-anticipated project and much more

Brian Gallagher

Marvel Production Updates on Iron Man 2 and The Avengers

Find out when you can see these superhero films in theaters, and more.

Brian Gallagher

Daniel Craig Turns Down Thor

The actor claims it would be too much of a power trip to play both Bond and Marvel's Thunder God.

Kenneth Branagh Officially Signed on to Direct Thor?

The Shakespearean director has cleared his schedule to work on the film.

Could The Incredible Hulk Be the Villain for The Avengers?

Signs suggest that Marvel's first team-up movie could feature the Gamma-powered hero as the movie's antagonist.

Kenneth Branagh to Direct Thor

Taking the wheel of the Marvel Comics' adaptation.

Cat Parker

Paramount and Marvel Come to a Distribution Deal for Films Based on Superhero Characters

The film company will distribute Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America and more.

Edward Norton Doesn't Know What Lies in the Future for The Incredible Hulk

The actor remains in the dark about a possible sequel, or his appearance in future Marvel films.