Timur Bekmambetov Set to Direct ‘The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein’

David Auburn will adapt the screenplay from Peter Ackroyd's novel.
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Timur Bekmambetov Set to Direct ‘The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein’

Timur Bekmambetov will direct the Peter Ackroyd novel It seems that director Timur Bekmambetov has been tapped to direct a new take on a classic tale. |Production Weekly} is reporting that Bekmambetov has signed on to direct film.

David Auburn will be adapting the screenplay from Peter Ackroyd's novel of the same name. No production details were given at this time, but here's a description of the book by publisher Random House below.

When two nineteenth-century Oxford students-Victor Frankenstein, a serious researcher, and the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley-form an unlikely friendship, the result is a tour de force that could only come from one of the world's most accomplished and prolific authors.

This haunting and atmospheric novel opens with a heated discussion, as Shelley challenges the conventionally religious Frankenstein to consider his atheistic notions of creation and life. Afterward, these concepts become an obsession for the young scientist. As Victor begins conducting anatomical experiments to reanimate the dead, he at first uses corpses supplied by the coroner. But these specimens prove imperfect for Victor's purposes. Moving his makeshift laboratory to a deserted pottery factory in Limehouse, he makes contact with the Doomsday men-the resurrectionists-whose grisly methods put Frankenstein in great danger as he works feverishly to bring life to the terrifying creature that will bear his name for eternity.

Filled with literary lights of the day such as Bysshe Shelley, Godwin, Lord Byron, and Mary Shelley herself, and penned in period-perfect prose, film is sure to become a classic of the twenty-first century.

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  • vanboy • 5 years ago

    Fallen, I think Norton would be great for this. He's a chameleon, so he could pull it off perfectly. He's probably one of the best actors of our generation.

    I hope they do this movie right. Of all of the classic monsters, Frankenstein's monster is my all time favorite. And I have been disappointed from Deniro, to Vanhelsing, to Vin Diesel. Please make this a haunting movie with great atmosphere and great story. Too much gore not necessary.


    • moviedude21 • 5 years ago

      As long as its not some gorefest of a visual. Suspense and terror.


      • narrator • 5 years ago

        Sounds intere... crap. He beat me to it.

        Anyways, this should be good. to play Victor, I say go with a Edward Norton type for Victor, but he is too old sadly. As for Percy, definitely a younger, more prominent and joking man, and probably better looking so I say Orlando bloom would do nicely (he CAN act, so shut it Cell). Unless of course McAvoy is hired then that would do well also.

        Overall, this and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer are really going to change some things. :)


        • soylentgreen2 • 5 years ago

          Sounds interesting.


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