Tod Williams to Direct Stephen King's Cell

John Cusack will star in this thriller about a man's struggle to find his family after a deadly pulse is sent through all cell phones.
BYBrian Gallagher | February 8th, 2013
Tod Williams to Direct Stephen King's Cell

Cargo Entertainment lands Tod Williams to direct Cell Cargo Entertainment has dialed up Paranormal Activity 2 director Tod Williams to take the helm of Cell. We reported back in October that John Cusack is starring in this adaptation of Stephen King's novel.

The story centers on Clayton Riddle (John Cusack), a graphic artist in Boston who is struggling to find his wife and son after a deadly pulse was sent through every cell phone. Anyone who was using their phone at the time of the pulse's transmission is transformed into a psychotic killer.

Stephen King co-wrote the screenplay adaptation with Adam Alleca (The Last House on the Left). The project had been in development for several years, first being set up for Eli Roth to direct back in 2006. We then reported in 2009 that the story would be adapted into a four-part mini-series, although a deal was never finalized.

Production is scheduled to begin in May, with Richard Saperstein, Brian Witten, and Shara Kay producing.

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