‘Total Recall’ Gets Bill Nighy, Kate Beckinsale, and Jessica Biel

Bill Nighy will play the revolutionary leader Quatto while Kate Beckinsale will play Quaid's wife, Lori, and Jessica Biel is set to portray Melina.
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‘Total Recall’ Gets Bill Nighy, Kate Beckinsale, and Jessica Biel

Bill Nighy will star as Quatto in the Total Recall remake Director Len Wiseman has added three new cast members to his Total Recall remake, with Bill Nighy in talks to star, while Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale have finalized their deals.

Bill Nighy will play Quatto, the leader of the resistance. In the original Total Recall, Kuato was a mutant living inside another man, played by Marshall Bell. It isn't known if this same device will be used in the remake.

Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale had been circling the two female leads since April. Jessica Biel will play Melina while Kate Beckinsale is portraying Lori, the wife of Quaid (Colin Farrell). Ethan Hawke has already joined the cast for a cameo performance.

Len Wiseman is directing Total Recall from a screenplay by Kurt Wimmer, Mark Bomback, and James Vanderbilt. The remake ditches the Mars storyline from the original and is set in the warring nation-states of Euromerica and New Shanghai. Colin Farrell's Quaid slowly realizes that he is actually a spy, although he isn't sure of what side he is on.

Total Recall was released August 3rd, 2012.

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  • k-man • 4 years ago

    Bill Nighy is awesome......every time I look at him I start laughing because I think of his character from Love Actually.

    Great choices on Biel and Beckinsale, too! I am actually looking forward to this. I'm excited to see what direction they take it and to see how different it is from Paul Verhoeven's early 90's version.


    • m2 • 4 years ago

      For a second I thought that was Gary Oldman in the picture.lol.


      • nautical05 • 4 years ago

        All star cast...but we really dont need another Total Recall.


        • slysnide • 4 years ago

          This whole remake is just a bad idea. And with Nighy no less. Jeez.


          • daveactor7 • 4 years ago

            uhhh no. lol


            • incmob • 4 years ago

              @dan1 doesnt hurt that beckinsale is of course wisemans wife as well. not surprised she was cast, but so far the cast looks good, actually looking forward to this however the arnold film has grown on me over the years so it will be hard not to be somewhat judgmental.


              • SomethingMore • 4 years ago

                Kate or Jesssica. Hmmmm Tough one. I guess Kate


                • messiahbolical • 4 years ago

                  This is coming along very nicely.


                  • skywise • 4 years ago

                    That just sealed the deal for me. Bill Nighy is amazing. Sure he hammed it up in Pirates and it was unfortunate that you never got to see his "face" but for a few moments in the 3rd film but even through that CGI his expresions were undeniable. He is one of my fav English actors.

                    Biel is gorgeous and a decent actor for sure but Its a done deal in my mind. I AM seeing this when it comes out.


                    • cupid • 4 years ago

                      @cheetoboy Never!


                      • aceinthehole12 • 4 years ago

                        Lol of course the wife was gonna get a role. I'm Biel's in this though. I love her.


                        • cheetoboy • 4 years ago

                          Awesome, but can they top Arnold.


                          • cupid • 4 years ago

                            I wanted Paula Patton to play Melina but i got nothing against Biel so thats cool.


                            • bawnian-dexeus • 4 years ago



                              • dan1 • 4 years ago

                                Zero surprise at Bill Nighy/Kate Beckinsale being cast. Those 2 plus Wiseman are the trio. Still, sweet.


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