‘Trance’ Loses Michael Fassbender, Eyes Colin Firth

Scarlett Johnansson is a front-runner for a supporting role in Danny Boyle's drama about an art heist gone bad.
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‘Trance’ Loses Michael Fassbender, Eyes Colin Firth

Colin Firth is a front runner to star in Trance Director Danny Boyle is firming up the cast for his latest project, Trance. We reported a few weeks ago that James McAvoy joined the cast, presumably replacing Michael Fassbender. New information indicates that Michael Fassbender is indeed out of Trance, although he may be replaced by Colin Firth.

It seems Michael Fassbender had a different role than previously thought, and Colin Firth is considered a front runner to replace him as Aiden. Scarlett Johansson is the top contender to portray Elizabeth in Trance as well. The roles haven't been officially offered to Colin Firth or Scarlett Johansson yet. James McAvoy is locked into the project, portraying Simon.

Danny Boyle will direct Trance from his own screenplay. The story centers on an art heist that goes terribly awry. Production will begin after Danny Boyle directs the opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Trance was released April 5th, 2013.

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  • m2 • 4 years ago

    McAvoy is a hit or miss for me, but with Firth and Boyle I'm there.


    • ChiRep-1 • 4 years ago

      Damn, I was really looking forward to this with Fassbender attached.


      • rojodiablo • 4 years ago

        Looks like Boyle will have no issues finding top actors now and in the future.


        • skywise • 4 years ago

          I love Danny Boyle and while i would have love see Fassbender, Colin Firth is pretty good replacement.


          • dan1 • 4 years ago

            @thedude-abides Yeah, but no Fassbender? Lame :P


            • thedude-abides • 4 years ago

              With Firth, McAvoy, and Johannson on board, this is shaping up to be Boyle's best cast yet, despite the loss of Fassbender.


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