‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Toys Reveal Grimlock in Robot Mode

Fan favorites Hound, Lockdown, Drift and Slash are all featured in this upcoming set of One-Step figures aimed at the younger audience.
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‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Toys Reveal Grimlock in Robot Mode

USA Today has our first look at the upcoming One-Step Hasbro toy line for Transformers: Age of Extinction, which features a sneak peak at Grimlock in robot mode, along with fan favorites Hound, Lockdown, Drift and Slash. Take a look, then read on for more information.

Chomp and Stomp Grimlock

Gromlock Figure 1

Grimlock Figure 2

Here, we have a look at the Robots in Disguise line with Dinobot warrior Grimlock. Chomp and Stomp Grimlock ($79.95, coming in August) has a sword in robot mode and jaws and light-up eyes as a dino.

Mega One-Step Bumblebee

Bumblebee Figure 1

Look out for the family dog when you're playing with the disc launchers on Bumblebee's Mega One-Step Changer figure

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime Figure 1

Optimus Prime Figure 2

Optimus Prime is a staple of any Transformers toy line, and he's one of 18 characters in the One-Step Changer assortment ($9.99, May).


Hound Transformers Age of Extinction

The 1980s Autobot favorite Hound gets a new toy in the Transformers: Age of Extinction line.


LockDown Figure 1

LockDown Figure 2

Lockdown is a feared bounty hunter for the Decepticons.


Drift Figure 1

Drift Figure 2

Speedy in vehicle form, Drift wields dual blades to take on his old Decepticon friends.


Crosshairs Figure 1

Crosshairs is an Autobot who makes his cinematic debut in Transformers: Age of Extinction .


Stinger Figure 1

The Decepticon known as Stinger lives up to his name when battling Autobots.

Dinobot Slash

Slash Figure 1

Sharp claws are one of the top weapons for the new Dinobot Slash.

Arriving in stores this spring, Hasbro is introducing its Transformers: Age of Extinction: One-Step Robots in Disguise toy line aimed at the younger viewer. It features a number of fan favorites which are new to the on-screen franchise. These toys will be put on display Sunday through Wednesday as part of Hasbro's Toy Fair 2014 presentation in New York City.

18 characters will hit store shelves, including Autobot, Decepticon and Dinobot personalities which include old favorites like Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee, alongside highly anticipated new robots like Grimlock, Hound, Dinobot Slash, and Drift. Not to mention the debut of Decepticon bounty hunter Lockdown. Hasbro is also introducing the Mega One-Step figure, which retails for $29.99. This Bumblebee toy can switch from robot to sports car quickly, and also comes with a disc launcher.

For $79.95, you can get your very own Chomp and Stomp Grimlock, which comes with a chomping jaw and light-up eyes in beast mode. He comes packaged with a non-transforming Optimus Prime so that kids of all ages can relive that moment where the Autobot leader rides this T-Rex behemoth into battle. He can be used with other One-Step figures, with different lights and sounds whenever he is paired with an Autobot or a Decepticon.

Transformers: Age of Extinction was released June 27th, 2014.

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  • themoviefanatic • 2 years ago

    @skywise Yes, they certainly do.


    • skywise • 2 years ago

      These toys look cheap.


      • themoviefanatic • 2 years ago

        @jasonkat Yeah, Like a robotic version of Mr Freeze.


        • dragonfoxmem • 2 years ago

          god, what a worse toy design ever seen in 30 years of Transformers....


          • jasonkat • 2 years ago

            LockDown reminds me of Mr. Freeze, from batman & robin lol


            • Fry-3000 • 2 years ago

              After seeing these toys, I'm so happy I've kept my gen 1 toys after all these years. These look very cheap compared Tao the yester-years versions


              • ghostman • 2 years ago

                Anyone else notice the ultra realistic human faces they have?


                • jmp • 2 years ago

                  at first i thought that red car was Cliff jumper, dang i want him in the movie


                  • jasonkat • 2 years ago

                    I feel bad for the people who get all juiced up over this, these are lame as hell. Bumblebee's bot doesnt add up to the car mode.

                    I know these are kids toys, with less details but either way, never liked the fact that they never add up to the car they play out to be, they lose parts and stuff during fights but yet they form back to brand new..


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