Transformers Blu-Ray Video Features Sneak Peek!

Here's a little taste of what to expect from one of the year's biggest BD titles.
BYBrian Gallagher | August 28th, 2008

Transformers finally hits the shelves on Blu-Ray on September 2. Instead of waiting to catch a glimpse at this 1080p disc and all its features, we have a little video glimpse of these BD features right here! Click below to see these high-def features that are more than meets the eye.

Special Features

- Commentary: Commentary by Director Michael Bay

- Featurette: OUR WORLD:

- Featurette: The Story Sparks HD

- Featurette: Human Allies HD

- Featurette: I Fight Giant Robots HD

- Featurette: Battleground HD

- Featurette: THEIR WAR:

- Featurette: Rise of the Robots HD

- Featurette: Autobots Roll Out HD

- Featurette: Decepticons Strike HD

- Featurette: Inside the AllSpark HD

- Featurette: Transformers Tech Inspector (TBD) HD

- Trailers: TRAILERS (will play after the feature via a menu):

- Trailers: Iron Man Trailer HD


- Trailers: Transformers Teaser Trailer HD

- Trailers: Rise of the Autobots HD

- Other: Transformers H.U.D. (Heads Up Display)

- Other: BD-Live Features (TBD

- Featurette: From Script to Sand: The Skorponok Desert Attack HD

- Featurette: Concepts HD

- Trailers: Trailers HD:

- Trailers: Teaser Trailer 1 HD

- Trailers: Theatrical Trailer 2 HD

- Trailers: Theatrical Trailer 4 HD

- Easter Eggs: EASTER EGGS:

- Easter Eggs: Michael Bay Cameo HD

- Easter Eggs: Girl in Dress HD

- Easter Eggs: Bay Bot HD

- Easter Eggs: Casting Mojo HD

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