‘Trick 'r Treat 2’ Officially Coming Soon!

The straight-to-DVD horror project centered on the story of Sam, who punished anyone who dared to disrespect Halloween. A new sequel is in the works.
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‘Trick 'r Treat 2’ Officially Coming Soon!

At Monday night's special fan screening of the cult horror classic Trick 'r Treat hosted by Legendary, the film's iconic character, Sam, and director, Michael Dougherty, stole the show by announcing a sequel during the Q&A session. Other panel participants included two of the film's stars Dylan Baker and Brian Cox, as well as a surprise appearance by producer Bryan Singer.

Watch the entire panel below, moderated by Seth Green.

Director Michael Dougherty started the conversation by discussing how the idea for a sequel came about.

"It's funny because when I first dreamt up the idea of making the first film, I thought, "How neat would it be if we made them a series?" I'm a firm believer that October should be filled with Halloween movies, or horror movies. That's something I remember from childhood. Horror movies and Halloween, they go hand-in-hand. And so the idea was, "Well we could probably do a Trick 'r Treat movie every year or every other year, and that it would sort of just be a new batch of stories and characters. And the common link between all of them would be Sam." Initially that was the plan, and then things changed as the first film had a very delayed, strange journey. I put those dreams on hold for a little while, so it feels good to go back to that initial plan."

He went on to talk about the progress of the film and where the story might go.

"We don't even have a script yet. There's nothing I can reveal yet. It's still really early in the process, but I can definitely say that we'll be exploring Sam more and maybe getting into some back story of who and what he actually is. I think we'll shake it up a little bit. There are different archetypes I'd like to explore, different types of monsters. We covered werewolves, vampires, and zombies, but there's a whole slew of different creatures out there that we haven't tackled, and I think Sam would probably be pretty good buddies with. So I think it's time to let them have their time in the sun."

They wrapped up the interview by discussing when and if the project will hit theaters.

"I mean, fingers crossed it will have a theatrical release considering the adventure that the first one took, but I guess if it didn't have a theatrical release, the first film also proved that you don't need a theatrical release in order to be successful. Not anymore. This film became the hit that it became because of video on demand and because of Amazon and Netflix and all those new technologies that people have embraced. It was because of that that this film found its audience. I think it'd be great to make it a trilogy, at least. So fingers crossed. For me, I think every film should explore a different aspect of Halloween. I felt like the first film was the very traditional, suburban Halloween that we all have some memory of. But as I've grown up over the years, I've lived everywhere from Columbus, Ohio to New York to L.A., and I find that the holiday is very different depending on where you live. Or even time periods. I don't see why we should be limited to just present day stories. Halloween is an amazing holiday because it evolves depending on where you live and the time period."

Michael Dougherty will be writing and directing the sequel. The first film featured four interwoven stories that take place on Halloween with such characters as a staid high school principal who is a Halloween serial killer, a college-age virgin seeking that special guy, a woman who hates dressing up for Halloween and whose husband is obsession with the holiday and a group of young teens who pull a cruel prank.

No casting details have been released for the sequel. The project is still in the early stage of development.

Trick 'r Treat was released October 6th, 2009.

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  • bane5000 • 2 years ago

    Awesome news, the first for me is an underated Halloween classic already, cant wait t see what they for the sequel :D


    • knightmare90 • 2 years ago

      I rarely go and see movies anymore in theaters, but if they put this in theaters I would totally go see it. If it does go straight to DVD I will be buying it lol. Can't get enough horror :)


      • 2movieguys • 2 years ago

        YES!!! Great under-rated film!!


        • jonspidey07 • 2 years ago

          amazing :)

          though it worries me it's going to be straight-to-DVD

          not many movies like that succeed well


          • skywise • 2 years ago

            the original was quite a surprise for me. Usually anthology movies are very average but I quite enjoyed Trick R Treat.


            • phoenix117 • 2 years ago

              F*ck Yeah


              • ed-wood • 2 years ago

                Awesome news, love this movie.


                • mr-k • 2 years ago

                  F*CK YEAH!!!!!


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