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30 Rock - Season 4 Episodes

30 Rock - Season 4

30 Rock - Season 4

Liz Lemon will achieve unexpected national attention and fame as an unlikely but wildly popular woman's advice expert. She will also continue to juggle corporate interference from boss and mentor Jack Donaghy (Emmy and Golden Globe winner Alec Baldwin) and off-the-handle star antics from Tracy Jordan and Jenna Mulroney, all while attempting to salvage her own personal life. Get ready for more huge surprises and water cooler guest appearances in America's favorite workplace comedy.

30 Rock S4E1
Episode 1

Season 4

Jack demands changes to make TGS more relatable to average Americans, sending Liz and Pete to search for a new cast member while Jenna makes over her image and Tracy tries to prove he's not lost touch with his roots. Kenneth organizes a strike by the pages after NBC cuts overtime, prompting Jack to send Lenny Wosniak undercover to try to destroy it from within.

30 Rock S4E2
Episode 2

Into the Crevasse

Jack finds himself fending off yet another threat to his job from Devin Banks. Tracy—miffed over the Dealbreaker book—and Jenna—still upset over the impending new cast member—each exact revenge on Liz. Kenneth volunteers at an animal shelter.

30 Rock S4E3
Episode 3

Stone Mountain

Liz and Jack search for talent in Kenneth's Georgia hometown. Jenna tries to ingratiate herself with Frank, Toofer, and Lutz to avoid being supplanted by a coming new cast member, while they in turn use her to get an invite to a gay Halloween party. Tracy fears the rule of 'celebrities dying in threes' will claim him after two other celebrities die.

30 Rock S4E4
Episode 4

Audition Day

While Liz (Tina Fey) and Pete (Scott Adsit) try to rig the audition process, Tracy (Tracy Morgan) and Jenna (Jane Krakowski) decide it’s in their best interest to conduct their own search for a new “TGS” actor. Amidst the audition chaos, Jack (Alec Baldwin) faces a more personal issue. Jack McBrayer, Judah Friedlander and Keith Powell also star.

30 Rock S4E5
Episode 5

The Problem Solvers

The new actor starts work at "TGS," and after observing how low maintenance he is, Tracy (Tracy Morgan) and Jenna (Jane Krakowski) begin to rethink how they treat Kenneth (Jack McBrayer). Meanwhile, Jack (Alec Baldwin) offers Liz (Tina Fey) her own talk show, but Jenna convinces her to explore all of her options first. Scott Adsit, Judah Friedlander and Keith Powell also star.

30 Rock S4E6
Episode 6

Sun Tea

When Liz’s (Tina Fey) apartment building is converted to condos she has to make a drastic change to her living arrangements. Meanwhile, Jack (Alec Baldwin) and Tracy (Tracy Morgan) reevaluate their plans for parenthood and Kenneth (Jack McBrayer) is on a mission to make “TGS” greener during NBC's annual "Green Week." Jane Krakowski, Judah Friedlander and Keith Powell also star.

30 Rock S4E7
Episode 7

Dealbreakers Talk Show #0001

Production begins on Liz's new talk show, Dealbreakers, and she realizes what it's like to walk in Jenna's shoes. Whoopi Goldberg guest stars.

30 Rock S4E8
Episode 8

Secret Santa

Jack takes a trip down memory lane when his high school crush resurfaces in his life. Julianne Moore guest stars.

30 Rock S4E9
Episode 9

Klaus And Greta

Jack regrets drunk-dialing an ex on New Year's Eve. Jenna pretends to date James Franco to help cover up a secret of his. Liz brings a cousin to New York City after outing him to the family. Tracy becomes more respectful of women.

30 Rock S4E10
Episode 10

Black Light Attack!

Jack tries to squash the burgeoning relationship between Liz and Danny. Tracy asks Sue to be in his entourage. Jenna tries out for Gossip Girl.

30 Rock S4E11
Episode 11

Winter Madness

Hoping to boost staffers' spirits, Liz takes TGS on the road, but Jack takes over for his own reasons, and the staff find reasons to blame Liz for all that's wrong in their lives.

30 Rock S4E12
Episode 12


Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) takes Frank (Judah Friedlander) in as a roommate, and is pleasantly surprised when the two make a pact to help each other kick their bad habits. Meanwhile, Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski) turns to Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) for help with her mother, Verna (Jan Hooks), who has come to visit.

30 Rock S4E13
Episode 13

Anna Howard Shaw Day

To avoid feeling lonely on Valentine's Day, Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) schedules a root canal but soon realizes she hasn’t thought it through. Meanwhile, Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) woos an attractive and successful CNBC host, Avery Jessup (guest star Elizabeth Banks), and Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski) is disappointed when her creepy stalker loses interest. Also starring: Jack McBrayer (Kenneth), Scott Adsit (Pete), Judah Friedlander (Frank), Keith Powell (Toofer), John Lutz (Lutz), Katrina Bowden (Cerie), Kevin Brown (Dotcom), Grizz Chapman (Grizz).

30 Rock S4E14
Episode 14

Future Husband

Liz sets out to find the identity of a mystery number in her phone labeled "Future Husband."

30 Rock S4E15
Episode 15

Don Geiss, America and Hope

Jack struggles to find his new place in the business after hearing of the Kabletown buy out and Liz continues to wonder if Wesley is the "one."

30 Rock S4E16
Episode 16


Revenge is in the air when Liz discovers an engaged Floyd is back in town to compete for a dream wedding on "The Today Show"; meanwhile Danny and Jack plan their own revenge against the writers.

30 Rock S4E17
Episode 17

Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter

Jack is torn between Nancy and Avery while Jenna offers to be Liz's wingman.

30 Rock S4E18
Episode 18


Determined to show her staff she knows how to cut loose, Liz offers to throw a bridal shower for Cerie.

30 Rock S4E19
Episode 19


Liz steps in when Tracy and Dotcom argue over who will be Grizz's best man.

30 Rock S4E20
Episode 20

The Moms

Liz sets out to reunite her mother with her one true love, Buzz Aldrin.

30 Rock S4E21
Episode 21

Emmanuel Goes to Dinosaur Land

Wedding fever hits TGS! Jon Hamm, Julianne Moore, and Elizabeth Banks guest star.

30 Rock S4E22
Episode 22

I Do Do

Liz finally meets her soul mate, just as Jack is forced to finally decide between Avery and Nancy.

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