7th Heaven


7th Heaven - Season 5 Episodes

7th Heaven S5E1
Episode 1

Here We Go Again

A new school year finds Simon, Matt, and Lucy living the single life again.

7th Heaven S5E2
Episode 2


Mary treads on shaky ground when she loses her job and gets caught in a lie.

7th Heaven S5E3
Episode 3


Each member of the Camden household is either the victim or the perpetrator of the classic Friday night “stand up.”

7th Heaven S5E4
Episode 4


Lucy discovers the boy she wants to kiss spent time in a mental hospital.

7th Heaven S5E5
Episode 5


Mary’s new friends at work could be turning her toward substance abuse.

7th Heaven S5E6
Episode 6


Matt, Simon and Lucy try to save Mary from ruthless debt collectors.

7th Heaven S5E7
Episode 7


Mary’s sent to live with her grandfather in Buffalo against her will.

7th Heaven S5E8
Episode 8


The Camdens are torn apart by harsh rumors after Mary’s departure to Buffalo.

7th Heaven S5E9
Episode 9


Simon’s new friends target Lucy and Annie as victims of their harassment.

7th Heaven S5E10
Episode 10


7th Heaven S5E11
Episode 11


Robbie is such a good houseguest that Annie and Matt feel underappreciated.

7th Heaven S5E12
Episode 12

One Hundred

Mary sneaks back to Glenoak and Eric is right on her tail.

7th Heaven S5E13
Episode 13


Lucy gets jealous when her new love interest asks her to set him up with another girl.

7th Heaven S5E14
Episode 14

V- Day

7th Heaven S5E15
Episode 15


No one thinks Simon will do the right thing when he finds himself alone with an attractive, older girl.

7th Heaven S5E16
Episode 16


7th Heaven S5E17
Episode 17


Matt fears a therapist will reveal his inability to succeed as a doctor.

7th Heaven S5E18
Episode 18


Robbie spends time with a girl that looks identical to Mary.

7th Heaven S5E19
Episode 19


7th Heaven S5E20
Episode 20


7th Heaven S5E21
Episode 21

Chances (1)

Robbie adopts a hands-off policy when Mary comes home for the summer.

7th Heaven S5E22
Episode 22

Are (2)

Lucy discovers the truth about her boyfriend’s past with Mary.