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7th Heaven

7th Heaven - Season 7 Episodes

7th Heaven - Season 7

7th Heaven - Season 7

Season seven of 7th Heaven—an American family-drama television series, created and produced by Brenda Hampton—premiered on September 16, 2002, on The WB, and concluded on May 19, 2003.

7th Heaven S7E1
Episode 1

Monkey Business (1)

Mary’s new pilot boyfriend is the same age as her father.

7th Heaven S7E2
Episode 2

Monkey Business Deux (2)

Simon gets busted when he starts his own escort dating service.

7th Heaven S7E3
Episode 3

The Enemy Within

Simon helps a pregnant classmate give up her baby.

7th Heaven S7E4
Episode 4

Bowling For Eric

Eric is afraid to tell his family he has to have open-heart surgery.

7th Heaven S7E5
Episode 5

The Heart of the Matter

Eric dreams he’s Elvis when he undergoes open-heart surgery.

7th Heaven S7E6
Episode 6

Regarding Eric

Lucy helps a developmentally challenged friend join a puppeteer group.

7th Heaven S7E7
Episode 7

Gabrielle Come Blow Your Horn

The Colonel sends a nutty old lady (Phyllis Diller guest stars) to help the Camdens.

7th Heaven S7E8
Episode 8

Peer Pressure

Eric resorts to spying when he feels replaced by another pastor.

7th Heaven S7E9
Episode 9

Lost Souls

Eric decides to quit the ministry; and Lucy catches Kevin dancing with Roxanne.

7th Heaven S7E10
Episode 10

A Cry for Help (a.k.a. Female Trouble)

Eric helps a suicidal teen while volunteering at a campus radio station.

7th Heaven S7E11
Episode 11


Simon and Cecilia tell her father they are considering having sex.

7th Heaven S7E12
Episode 12

Back in the Saddle Again

Ruthie’s new friend from horseback riding has cystic fibrosis.

7th Heaven S7E13
Episode 13

It's Not Always About You

Lucy tries to get out of jury duty and Annie attends therapy with Eric.

7th Heaven S7E14
Episode 14


Chandler’s rebellious twin comes to town; Annie finds cigarettes in the house.

7th Heaven S7E15
Episode 15

I Love Lucy

Kevin plans a romantic evening and proposes to Lucy on Valentine’s Day.

7th Heaven S7E16
Episode 16

Stand Up

Annie infringes on Lucy’s wedding plans; Simon is accused of stealing from work.

7th Heaven S7E17
Episode 17

High Anxiety

Kevin threatens to postpone the wedding if Lucy drops out of school.

7th Heaven S7E18
Episode 18

We Do

Matt and Mary return to Glenoak for Lucy’s wedding.

7th Heaven S7E19
Episode 19

That Touch of Bink (1)

Lucy can’t keep in the intimate details of her honeymoon.

7th Heaven S7E20
Episode 20

Dick (2)

Kevin helps uncover the criminal past of Paris’ new fiancée

7th Heaven S7E21
Episode 21

Life and Death (1)

Eric travels to New York to reconcile Chandler with his dying father.

7th Heaven S7E22
Episode 22

Life and Death (2)

Lucy fears that she is pregnant; Mary confides in Lucy that she is married.

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