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A Gifted Man

A Gifted Man - Season 1 Episodes

A Gifted Man - Season 1

A Gifted Man - Season 1

A Gifted Man is a drama about a brilliant, charismatic surgeon whose life changes forever when his deceased ex-wife begins teaching him the meaning of life from the 'hereafter.' Michael Holt (Patrick Wilson) is an exceptional doctor who lives a materialistic life of luxury thanks to his work-obsessed career and powerful and wealthy patients; however, Michael's ordered world is rocked when his ex-wife, Anna (Jennifer Ehle), an idealistic free-clinic doctor and the love of his life, mysteriously appears to him and asks him to keep her clinic running.

A Gifted Man S1E1
Episode 1


Michael Holt (Patrick Wilson) is a world-class neurosurgeon with his own modern, upscale practice in New York City. He lives to work, and his outward demeanor is cold and self absorbed. Everything changes for Michael when he runs into his ex-wife, Anna (Jennifer Ehle). What seems like an innocent meeting between two former lovers turns supernatural when he learns that Anna had been killed in a car accident two weeks earlier. As Michael struggles to fit the unexplainable into his scientific worldview, Anna comes to him again and asks him to help her close her loose ends on Earth. Specifically, the free clinic she had been running in a poor area of the Lower East Side has been turned upside down without her. As Michael reconnects with a woman that may only exist in his mind, a trip to the clinic reminds him that he can make a difference in the lives of many people – not just those with deep pockets.

A Gifted Man S1E2
Episode 2

In Case of All Hell Breaking Loose

When uninsured patients start showing up in Michael’s waiting room at Holt Neuro, he drives down to Clinca Sanando in order to tell them not to send him any more referrals…and walks into the memorial service for Anna. Despite his insistence about not treating any more patients at the Clinca, Michael ends up taking a young Haitian boy back to his practice. When a blood test reveals that the boy’s dad isn’t his biological father, Michael is faced with the fact that he may have cost a ten-year-old boy his only parent. Meanwhile, Michael’s accountant asks him to treat his wife after she experiences an acephalgic migraine while riding her bike. At first, it looks like the attack was nothing more than a recursion of a benign issue due to pregnancy. But when Michael discovers a brain tumor, the expectant mother learns that she may have to choose between her own life or that of her unborn child.

A Gifted Man S1E3
Episode 3

In Case of Discomfort

While trying to find someone run Clinica Sandano full time, Michael helps out when a man who had dislocated his shoulder passes out without warning. Michael revives him and tells him to follow up with a cardiologist as soon as possible, but the patient refuses – he doesn’t have insurance, and missing even an hour of work would cost him his job. When he is rushed back to the Clinica a few days later with a failing heart, it’s up to Michael to save his life. At a charity dinner, Michael runs into a sexy, charming private jet pilot who appears to have a slight case of carpal tunnel syndrome. Michael takes her back to his office for evaluation where tests reveal multiple lesions on her brain. When she leaves Holt Neuro before recieving treatment, Michael must decide whether or not to call the FAA and ground her for good.

A Gifted Man S1E4
Episode 4

In Case of Separation Anxiety

Michael treats an 18-year-old Indian-American man who has been suffering from headaches as well as hearing a voice coming from inside his head. Brain surgery reveals that the patient had a chimera – the remnants of a twin that was absorbed into his body in utero. Michael is able to successfully remove the chimera, but the voice inside his patient’s head gets worse. Does he have his own ‘Anna,’ the spirit of a twin brother stuck inside his mind? At the Clinica, it is Kate Sykora’s first day in charge and things start with a bang as a car accidentally drives through the front wall. No one seems seriously hurt at first, but the driver’s daughter starts developing symptoms of a herniating brain. With time running out, Kate has no choice but to call Michael for help.

A Gifted Man S1E5
Episode 5

In Case of Loss of Control

The Clinica staff run a battery of tests on a young Hispanic boy who is suffering from vomiting, stomach aches, and bloody stool. The results show that he has an E. Coli infection that needs immediate treatment. When ICE comes to the Clinica to take him and his mother for deportation, however, the staff realize that saving the boy’s life will mean breaking the law. Ultimately, Michael will have to decide if it is worth risking his practice in order to save a child’s life. After having a seizure in school, a seventeen-year-old girl is brought to see Michael at Holt Neuro by her overprotective father. While Michael runs tests, new staff neuropsychiatrist Edward "E-Mo” Morris reads her body language and learns that there is something going on in her life that she is unwilling to reveal.

A Gifted Man S1E6
Episode 6

In Case of Memory Loss

When one of his soccer teammates can’t catch his breath, Michael convinces him to seek treatment at the clinic. But with frequent trips to Indonesia on his schedule and a history of IV drug use, the possibility of a sobering diagnosis is very real – especially when he starts coughing up blood. Michael’s friend also has a fear of doctors, and he flees the clinic before Kate can figure out what’s wrong with him. While she runs a test for TB, Michael must seek out his teammate and try to get him to submit to further help. While at the clinic, Michael runs into a former patent of his – an ex-NFL star whom he performed successful spinal chord surgery on years ago. The player is now a shell of his former self, living on the street without the brainpower to even remember his own name. While there is no known cure for a brain turned to mush by thousands of high-speed football collisions, Michael takes him back to Holt Neuro in order to try. Michael also examines the seventeen-year-old daughter of one of his colleagues who appears to have suffered a concussion in a bathroom accident. But during the session, Michael begins to suspect that the injury was self inflicted.

A Gifted Man S1E7
Episode 7

In Case of Exposure

When Michael treats a teenage boy for bruises at the clinic, he becomes suspicious about an abusive parent in the home. His suspicions are confirmed when his father, Ben, comes to pick him up and attacks the vending machine in a blind rage. Michael quickly realizes that the rage isn’t natural and takes Ben to Holt Neuro for an MRI. Tests reveal that a malignant brain tumor is causing the outbursts, and Ben will die if he doesn’t get immediate treatment. But Ben refuses treatment and says he’d rather die. When Michael presses his patient for information, Ben reveals the truth – he is guilt stricken after killing a woman in a hit-and-run accident several months ago. Michael is left to wonder if he’s just agreed to treat the man who killed Anna. At Holt Neuro, a female firefighter is suffering from nausea and a growing tendency to drift off instead of finishing her sentences. While E-Mo gives her a psych evaluation for PTSD, Michael searches for neurological problems that may be making her ill.

A Gifted Man S1E8
Episode 8

In Case of Missed Communication

Rita’s son Lenny comes home from Afghanistan just in time for Thanksgiving, but the happy reunion is put on hold when he ends up unconscious and temporarily paralyzed after a motorcycle accident. As Michael preps for the risky operation, Rita and her husband struggle over the question of what would be best for their son if he were to need a machine to stay alive. At the Clinica, Kate and Zeke intubate and bag a near-unconscious man who is brought in by a bus driver. But after stabilizing their patient, the doctors find a ‘Do Not Resuscitate” bracelet in his coat pocket. Since no hospital will take a patient who was revived against his will, Kate and Zeke take turns pumping the bag while deciding what to do next.

A Gifted Man S1E9
Episode 9

In Case of Abnormal Rhythm

Michael treats a nervous bride-to-be at Holt Neuro for headaches and a fainting spell, but it’s her mother who exhibits symptoms of a serious condition – a possibly fatal abnormal heartbeat. When it is revealed that the condition was most likely brought on by drinking again after a decade of sobriety, her daughter storms out and Michael tries to convince the mother to get surge ry before chasing after her daughter in an attempt at reconciliation.

At the clinic, a schoolteacher comes in complaining of strep-like symptoms and soon begins suffering from severe memory loss. Michael and Kate suspect meningitis, but the tests come back with a much more sobering result – rabies. As Michael attempts to save her from an almost certainly fatal disease, Anna pleads with him to make sure that she doesn’t die alone.

A Gifted Man S1E10
Episode 10

In Case of a Bolt from the Blue

With a blizzard bearing down on the city, Michael furiously works to help out in the increasingly chaotic Clinica. First up is a middle-aged agoraphobic woman who Anna used to visit in order to ensure she was taking her medicine and sticking with her diabetic diet. But after three months alone, the patent’s blood sugar is through the roof and she’s starting to develop signs of dementia as well. The staff realizes that they need to bring her to the Clinica for immediate treatment, despite her crippling agoraphobia. At the same time, a young hypochondriac comes in complaining about a ruptured eardrum. As new, bizarre symptoms keep presenting themselves, Michael realizes that his patent really did suffer something exceptional – he was struck by lightning. Through it all, Michael fights through his own pain – a hernia caused by an ice hockey injury. But when the hernia becomes strangulated, Michael realizes he needs immediate surgery – and he’s stuck at the Clinca.

A Gifted Man S1E11
Episode 11

In Case of (Re)Birth

While visiting a local art gallery, Michael notices one of the artists exhibiting unusual manic symptoms.

A Gifted Man S1E12
Episode 12

In Case of Blind Spots

After hurting her back during a high school basketball game, Kate’s ‘little sister’ goes back to the clinica with her mentor for a round of tests. But while the initial diagnosis is favorable, the girl collapses during practice the following day and is brought to Holt Neuro. When odd complications arise when Michael preps her for surgery, Kate is left wondering if her love for her mentee blinded her from some uncomfortable truths about the girl. While jogging, Michael spots a man drowning in the freezing river. Michael saves his life, but the man’s identity remains mysterious. He claims to have a high-powered job, but his sister tells Michael that he’s been laid off for months and has become estranged and distant since then. With E-Mo distracted by the imminent decision of whether or not to take a Huntington’s test, the Holt Neuro staff is at a loss with how to treat him. After the man checks out in a huff, Michael believes that he’s seen the last of his patient – until he runs into him again, on the street, having just gone blind.

A Gifted Man S1E13
Episode 13

In Case of Complications

A distraught woman takes the Clinica staff hostage after Michael testifies for a former patient who he believed suffered uncontrollable urges due to a brain tumor.

A Gifted Man S1E14
Episode 14

In Case of Co-Dependents

When a spoiled pop star comes to Holt Neuro experiencing unusual symptoms, and a young girl at the Clinica exhibits similar symptoms on the same day, it forces both teams of doctors to try and piece together their common link.

A Gifted Man S1E15
Episode 15

In Case of Letting Go

When Michael's high school sweetheart comes to Holt Neuro with an irreversible condition, he will stop at nothing to try and save her, until Anna intervenes. Meanwhile, Zeke deals with the news that his best friend's cancer has returned.

A Gifted Man S1E16
Episode 16

In Case of Heart Failure

Michael gets back in touch with an old friend, Gene, who had recently fallen in love while traveling in India. After Gene collapses, Michael takes him in for treatment while his mother and new girlfriend squabble as they both take care of the important man in their life. A new patient comes back with a link to one of Kate's old patients.

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