A Twist in the Tale


A Twist in the Tale Cast

William Shatner William Shatner The StorytellerNarrator
Rose Bollinger Rose Bollinger Louise Adams
Perry Piercy Perry Piercy Alice Jameson
John Bach John Bach Earl of Sackville
Ross Jolly Ross Jolly Preacher
Renee Ellwood Renee Ellwood Cherry Painter
Dwayne Cameron Dwayne Cameron Chris
Kat Angus Kat Angus Cindy
Emily Barclay Emily Barclay Alison Bradley
Joseph Crawford Joseph Crawford Nigel Hargreaves
Sam Husson Sam Husson Bertie Milton
Ainslie Allen Ainslie Allen 'The Day I First Met You' Vocalist
Jennifer Ludlam Jennifer Ludlam Sylvia
Brynn Huso Brynn Huso Dot
Shane Bartle Shane Bartle Alan Marsh
Beth Allen Beth Allen Rose Martinelli
K.C. Kelly K.C. Kelly Groby Temporal
Nerine Kidd Nerine Kidd Laura Bradley
Matthew Chamberlain Matthew Chamberlain Mike
Alistair Browning Alistair Browning Lancelot Dulac
Raymond Thompson Raymond Thompson creator
Anthony Read Anthony Read screenplay
Anthony Read Anthony Read writer
Michael Robson Michael Robson screenplay