Airwolf - Season 3 Episodes

Airwolf S3E1
Episode 1

The Horn of Plenty

Stringfellow and Dominic find themselves as the targets of a villainous tycoon who is determined to gain possession of Airwolf.

Airwolf S3E2
Episode 2

Airwolf II

Hawke and the original super-chopper are in great danger when a second version of Airwolf flies the skies.

Airwolf S3E3
Episode 3

And a Child Shall Lead

Stringfellow Hawke conducts a desperate search for a brilliant aircraft designer and his young son.

Airwolf S3E4
Episode 4

Fortune Teller

Hawke and Santini seek the help of a psychic in their frantic search for Archangel.

Airwolf S3E5
Episode 5


Stringfellow Hawke falls into the hands of Soviet searchers.

Airwolf S3E6
Episode 6

Kingdom Come

Hawke and Dominic are on a special mission for the Firm and must retrieve stolen thermonuclear detonators.

Airwolf S3E7
Episode 7


At a National Air Race show, Hawke and Dominic befriend an attractive pilot racer, unaware that she's being pursued by her boss and his henchmen after stealing some tapes that can prove that a new combat jet is too unstable to be flown – something that her boss is determined to cover up at any cost...

Airwolf S3E8
Episode 8

Annie Oakley

Hawke, Dominic, and Caitlin go undercover as stunt people in an old Western town to recover a stolen laser weapon.

Airwolf S3E9
Episode 9


Hawke and Dominic are on a mission in Nicaragua to rescue a captive American scientist.

Airwolf S3E10
Episode 10

The Deadly Circle

Stringfellow Hawke sets out to free several kidnapping victims, with Dominic and Caitlin among them.

Airwolf S3E11
Episode 11

Where Have All the Children Gone?

Hawke is on his way to deliver a Congressional Medal of Honor to the brother of one of his friends.

Airwolf S3E12
Episode 12


String decides to adopt St. John's Amerasian son when theson's discovery points to St. John being dead.

Airwolf S3E13
Episode 13


A family feud and illegal drugs make ominous bedfellows.

Airwolf S3E14
Episode 14


Hawke sets out to settle an old debt when John Bradford Horn is after a woman who knows the location of Airwolf.

Airwolf S3E15
Episode 15

Day of Jeopardy

A scheme to control the world?s cash is disclosed by Hawke, Santini and the super chopper.

Airwolf S3E16
Episode 16

Little Wolf

String and Dom become involved in a custody dispute when a friend of Strings who was about to be divorced dies leaving his wife and mother to battle for his infant son.

Airwolf S3E17
Episode 17

Desperate Monday

Caitlin?s sorority reunion turns into a nightmare when the occasion is used for an attempted kidnapping.

Airwolf S3E18
Episode 18

Hawke's Run

A would-be model turns heroine.

Airwolf S3E19
Episode 19

Break-In at Santa Paula

Hawke, Dominic, and Caitlin take on the illegal mission of breaking a friend?s son out of jail.

Airwolf S3E20
Episode 20

The Girl Who Fell from the Sky

Hawke helps a girl discover her true identity and her link to a Senator involved in illegal practices.

Airwolf S3E21
Episode 21


String takes group of wheelchair-bound Vietnam war vets on a mountain hike adventure, but they wind up fighting for thier lives when a deranged mountain man, wants them off his mountain at any cost.

Airwolf S3E22
Episode 22

Birds of Paradise

String comes to the aid of his nephew who asks String for help when his mother disappears for a week.

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