All in the Family

All in the Family

All in the Family - Season 5 Episodes

All in the Family S5E1
Episode 1

The Bunkers and Inflation (1)

The first part of a four part story that explores events in the Bunker household when Archie's union goes on strike.

All in the Family S5E2
Episode 2

The Bunkers and Inflation (2) (aka Archie Underfoot)

Between the high price of meat and the low balance in his savings account, Archie is miserable and the family is worried about their future.

All in the Family S5E3
Episode 3

The Bunkers and Inflation (3) (aka Edith the Job Hunter)

Three weeks without Archie's paycheck and the ever-rising costs of living are taking their toll on the Bunker budget.

All in the Family S5E4
Episode 4

The Bunkers and Inflation (4) (aka Archie's Raise)

Archie is plagued by his economic plight - he can't go to work himself and he can't stand the fact that Edith is working - in the conclusion of the four-part presentation.

All in the Family S5E5
Episode 5

Lionel the Live-In

A midnight argument at the Jeffersons' spills over into the Bunker household, robbing Archie of his slumber and thrusting him into the middle of a battle royale.

All in the Family S5E6
Episode 6

Archie's Helping Hand

Archie tries to get Irene Lorenzo a job as a bookkeeper at his plant, then is dismayed when she's hired as a forklift operator, working on the loading platform with him.

All in the Family S5E7
Episode 7

Gloria's Shock

Mike unveils his future plans for the Stivic family, throwing Gloria into a state of complete shock.

All in the Family S5E8
Episode 8

Where's Archie? (1)

The usually punctual, predictable Archie is hours overdue at a lodge convention in Buffalo and no one has any idea what's happened to him.

All in the Family S5E9
Episode 9

Where's Archie? (2) (aka Archie Is Missing)

Convention-bound Archie has been missing for almost 24 hours and the family desperately grabs at straws in hopes of finding a clue to his whereabouts rather than thinking the worst.

All in the Family S5E10
Episode 10

The Longest Kiss

When Gloria and Mike have a fight, she dares him to try and hold a kiss until Archie arrives from the airport.

All in the Family S5E11
Episode 11

Archie and the Miracle

A brush with death converts the impious Archie into a devoted Christian, much to the amazement of his family.

All in the Family S5E12
Episode 12

George and Archie Make a Deal

Politics make strange bedfellows when George finds himself in the uncomfortable position of having to be nice to Archie.

All in the Family S5E13
Episode 13

Archie's Contract

A shady salesman hustles Archie into signing a costly contract calling for the Bunker house to be sheathed in aluminum siding to prevent heat loss.

All in the Family S5E14
Episode 14

Mike's Friend

Gloria feels she's become the "dumb blonde" in Mike's life when he ignores her in favor of an "intellectual" friend.

All in the Family S5E15
Episode 15

The Best of All in the Family

This show recaptures many of the memorable moments of the series; hosted by Henry Fonda.

All in the Family S5E16
Episode 16

Prisoner in the House

Archie fears for his family's safety when he learns that the plumber working in his house is a convict on a work furlough from prison.

All in the Family S5E17
Episode 17

The Jeffersons Move Up

The Jeffersons move to an expensive East Side apartment as George prepares to open his third cleaning store.

All in the Family S5E18
Episode 18

All's Fair

Mike and Gloria teach Edith a new method by which married people can "fight fairly."

All in the Family S5E19
Episode 19

Amelia's Divorce

A surprise visit from Edith's favorite cousin, Amelia DeKuyper, and her husband, Russell, becomes an eye-opening experience when the Bunkers learn that the DeKuypers' "made in Heaven" marriage is not so divine after all.

All in the Family S5E20
Episode 20

Everybody Does It

Archie steals some nails from the plant and rationalizes the theft by saying that "everybody does it."

All in the Family S5E21
Episode 21

Archie and the Quiz

Archie becomes depressed after he takes a magazine's life expectancy test which indicates that he'll die when he's 57 years old.

All in the Family S5E22
Episode 22

Edith's Friend

Back home in Scranton for a wedding, Edith runs into her childhood sweetheart and soon realizes that he has more on his mind than just reminiscing.

All in the Family S5E23
Episode 23

No Smoking

Abstinence makes strange bedfellows, as Archie and Mike learn, when they make a bet to see who can do without his favorite indulgence for 48 hours.

All in the Family S5E24
Episode 24

Mike Makes His Move

Mike finally finishes school and lands a permanent job, vowing that he and Gloria will be out of the Bunker household by the week's end.

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