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All Saints

All Saints - Season 10 Episodes

All Saints - Season 10

All Saints - Season 10

The tenth season of the long-running Australian medical drama All Saints began airing on 13 February 2007 and concluded on 20 November 2007 with a total of 41 episodes.

All Saints S10E1
Episode 1

Family Matters

While Vincent and Jack fight for Bart’s life in the Operating Theatre, Frank finds himself eaten up with worry and guilt over the situation.

All Saints S10E2
Episode 2

The Hardest Word

Bart is still seriously ill in ICU recovering from gunshot wounds and the entire ED are on edge because of it.

All Saints S10E3
Episode 3


It’s a very different side of Bart that we see as he continues his recovery from gun shot wounds.

All Saints S10E4
Episode 4

Smoke and Mirrors

Mike Vlasek returns after a six-month de-tox for morphine addiction.

All Saints S10E5
Episode 5

The Hearts of Men

Jack treats a fourteen year old intellectually gifted boy.

All Saints S10E6
Episode 6

A Fresh Start

It’s Cate’s first day back as an ambo and the first day of the rest of her life.

All Saints S10E7
Episode 7

Back on Track

Cate and Heath arrive at a park where a group of mates have set up a makeshift horizontal bungee catapult. One young man has died.

All Saints S10E8
Episode 8

What Lies Beneath

Cate and Heath arrive to treat Angus, a middle aged man who has fallen while cleaning the gutters.

All Saints S10E9
Episode 9

The Blink Of An Eye

Against Frank’s wishes Eve has gone ahead and had the risky amniocentesis.

All Saints S10E10
Episode 10

Life's Little Miracles

Levi Joseph, brother to Hugo Joseph and also a cop, is terribly injured in a traffic accident.

All Saints S10E11
Episode 11

Life Interrupted

A bachelor once more, Frank arrives at work determined to have control of at least one area of his life – his work.

All Saints S10E12
Episode 12

Choices Of The Heart

A promising young schoolboy athlete, Drew, is brought into the ED by Cate after having both feet nearly severed by a train.

All Saints S10E13
Episode 13

Balancing Act

Bart is on the job bright and early at the beginning of the day shift, but only just.

All Saints S10E14
Episode 14


Everything about the day seems to be going wrong for our team.

All Saints S10E15
Episode 15

Some Kinds of Love

Kenya Hutton, a young woman, is brought to the Hospital with bruising and abrasions.

All Saints S10E16
Episode 16

End Game

An unidentified patient is brought in by ambulance, having been hit by a bus after celebrating a win by the Cougars Rugby League team.

All Saints S10E17
Episode 17

The Trust Game

BARRY MITCHELL is rushed into the ED having been involved in an MVA.

All Saints S10E18
Episode 18

Precious Moments

Shock waves spread through the ED when Sean’s wheeled in on a stretcher after being hit by a car.

All Saints S10E19
Episode 19

The Pain Of It

All Saints S10E20
Episode 20


Jack is forced to confront his history of abuse when his abuser, Patrick Wesley, is brought into the ED with multiple stab wounds.

All Saints S10E21
Episode 21

Bodies In Motion

Joe Summers and his son, Hamish, are wheeled in to the ED after a horror MVA.

All Saints S10E22
Episode 22

One Moment In Time

A Hep C patient, Adriana, walks into All Saints declaring herself to be at end-stage liver failure.

All Saints S10E23
Episode 23

Bad Blood

Tony, a man in his late twenties, is admitted suffering from relatively minor injuries, sustained when he and his camera got too close to the action at a game of Australian Rules.

All Saints S10E24
Episode 24

Push Me, Pull Me

All Saints S10E25
Episode 25

Pressure Point

The ED girds its loins to receive multiple victims from a horror MVA.

All Saints S10E26
Episode 26

Under The Skin

Robert Lee is rushed into the ED after being found bashed in his home.

All Saints S10E27
Episode 27

Mixed Blessings

Craig Roberts and his wife are rushed into the ED. They have been held captive over night by home invaders.

All Saints S10E28
Episode 28

Nowhere To Hide

Lewis and Monica are totally devoted to each other and have been for the last 40 years. So when Lewis' health started to deteriorate there was never a question of who would take care of him.

All Saints S10E29
Episode 29

Persona Non Grata

Matthew Holgrem is brought into the ED suffering from massive abdominal trauma.

All Saints S10E30
Episode 30

Running on Impulse

Jacob Shipper is brought in covered in blood and unconscious. When he comes to, he refuses treatment, despite his pain.

All Saints S10E31
Episode 31

Reality Check

Cate and Heath attend an accident scene. A cyclist, Aaron Gehler, has received severe chest damage after crashing into a parked car.

All Saints S10E32
Episode 32

If Only

Cate and Heath are called out to a puzzling MVA. There are no skid marks and no apparent cause for the single vehicle crash.

All Saints S10E33
Episode 33

Lost And Found

It is Jack's first day back in the E.D, but if he was expecting a welcome from Frank he can think again.

All Saints S10E34
Episode 34

No Stranger

Simon McDermott, a young officer in the Australian Army, is admitted to Resus having suffered a couple of seizures.

All Saints S10E35
Episode 35

Throw Your Arms Around Me

Von brings in Ann-Maree, a former patient with suspected chickenpox.

All Saints S10E36
Episode 36

Open Hearts

Lorraine and Bree are called to what seems to be a violent domestic. A woman, Alisa, is in pain but refusing to go to the hospital, and her husband, Carlo, has a deep gash on his head.

All Saints S10E37
Episode 37

True Confessions

Bart arrives early to catch Von on her way to Annie's house; he's hoping that Von will keep him up to date with how it all goes? Von agrees guardedly, she isn't blind to Bart's deeper feelings.

All Saints S10E38
Episode 38

Precious Time

A faulty Resus bed gives Frank, Zoe and Gabrielle no chance to revive cardiac patient, Douglas.

All Saints S10E39
Episode 39

Cutting Free

Director of Medicine, Oliver Maroney is on the warpath. He wants to know who leaked critical information to a deceased patient's wife that resulted in a damages suit being launched against the hospital.

All Saints S10E40
Episode 40

Thin Ice

An afternoon at the ice hockey turns ugly for Jack, Erica, Gabrielle and Heath when a fight breaks out between a player and a spectator with devastating consequences for those around them.

All Saints S10E41
Episode 41

Against The Wall (1)

In the 2007 Series Finale cliff-hanger, Frank and Dan treat a 15-year-old girl whose only chance of survival is a heart transplant. Mike, Charlotte, Erica and Gabrielle fight to save the life of a patient badly injured in a construction accident. Bart persuades Ann-Maree to come in for follow up tests to determine whether or not her cancer has spread. And none of them are aware that the day is about to take a turn for the worse.

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