Alphas - Season 2 Episodes

Alphas - Season 2

Alphas - Season 2

This Season Pass includes all current episodes and will include future episodes after broadcast date as they become available. Season 2 picks up eight months after last year's finale with the stage set for an explosive turn of events at the Binghamton facility (the Guantanamo of the Alpha world) that could have devastating, far-reaching consequences. Dr. Lee Rosen (Emmy Award-winner and Academy Award-nominee David Strathairn), having exposed the existence of Alphas to the unsuspecting public, finds himself discredited and imprisoned by a government desperate to cover up his revelation.

Alphas S2E1
Episode 1

Wake Up Call

When two of their own are taken hostage, the team rallies together to save their lives.

Alphas S2E2
Episode 2

The Quick and the Dead

The team hunts for a killer with super-speed whose mission to find the truth may lead to deadly consequences.

Alphas S2E3
Episode 3

Alpha Dogs

An investigation leads Harken and Hicks to go undercover in a secret, underground Alphas-only Fight Club. Guest starring Erin Way.

Alphas S2E4
Episode 4

When Push Comes to Shove

When Dr. Rosen hears about a rash of robberies perpetrated by people who are completely delusional, he naturally suspects Nina who has been out of touch since she abruptly left the team.

Alphas S2E5
Episode 5


Rachel is kidnapped and the culprit may be an Alpha in a comatose state. Guest starring Connor Price, Noah Reid and Lauren Holly.

Alphas S2E6
Episode 6


When Rosen enlists Skylar's help to decode Parish's Alpha enhancing technology the consequences could be deadly. Guest starring Haven's Kathleen Munroe.

Alphas S2E7
Episode 7

Gods and Monsters

Dr. Rosen tries to bring Jason in for testing but Jason refuses.

Alphas S2E8
Episode 8


Now that Rosen has discovered the identity of the mole, he must face down the nearly impossible choice of what to do next. Meanwhile, the team takes on their individual family issues: Hicks' son Tyler comes for a surprise visit and John gets to meet Rachel's parents. And Kat gets her first case, tracking a mysterious new street drug that makes users temporarily invincible.

Alphas S2E9
Episode 9

The Devil Will Drag You Under

When Hicks turns defector and beginning working for Parish, Rosen and the team can only wonder: has Hicks truly turned, or is he playing a deeper game involving Dani? The truth comes out when the team uncovers Parish's plot to cause a massive, deadly blackout, and victory will come at a cost that none of them are prepared to pay.

Alphas S2E10
Episode 10

Life After Death

How does one grieve and move on from a terrible loss? Everyone's process is different. Dani's shocking death at the hands of Parish leaves Rosen and the team grasping for lifelines. Presented with his toughest emotional challenge, Rosen struggles to find a way through her grief, hiding behind his usual reserve.

Alphas S2E11
Episode 11

If Memory Serves

It's Midnight Run, Alphas-style as Hicks and Kat transport a valuable Parish asset: a babbling, off-his-nuts memory sponge Alpha named Roland. Roland just might hold the strategic intel they need to stop Parish... if they can outrun and outwit Roland's seemingly indestructible Alpha "caretaker". Rosen is on his own hunt- for Parish' Achilles' Heel. But Senator's Burton sudden presence in the Alphas office threatens to expose Rosen and Nina's own Achillles' Heel.

Alphas S2E12
Episode 12

Need to Know

When Rose kidnaps and interrogates an Alpha prisoner, the team wonders how far Rosen will go in seeking revenge for the death of his daughter. Harken and Gary, desperately searching for Skylar, discover Parish has imprisoned her in an only on Alphas form of captivity.

Alphas S2E13
Episode 13

God's Eye

Separated from the team and haunted by vivid hallucinations of his daughter, Dani, an injured and increasingly desperate Doctor Rosen seeks a final confrontation with Alpha leader Stanton Parish. Meanwhile the team battles both the clock and their own mutual distrust to thwart Parish's deadly plans.

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