Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever - Season 4 Episodes

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever - Season 4

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever - Season 4

The fourth season of the animated television series, Aqua Teen Hunger Force originally aired in the United States on Cartoon Network's late night programming block, Adult Swim. Season four started on December 4, 2005 with "Dirtfoot" and ended with "Carl Wash" which originally made two unannounced stealth airings on December 22, 2006 and January 7, 2007 and later made its official debut on March 25, 2007, with a total of thirteen episodes. This season continues to focus on the surreal adventures and antics of three anthropomorphic fast food items: Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad, who live next door to Carl Brutananadilewski in a suburban neighborhood in New Jersey.

This is the final season to air before the 2007 release Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters, a feature length film based on the series. Episodes in season four were written and directed by Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro, and have either a TV-14, TV-PG, or TV-MA parental rating. Almost every episode in this season features a special guest appearance, which continues a practice used in past seasons. During the airing of this season drummer Terence Yerves filed a lawsuit against Schoolly D and Cartoon Network, over claims that he had played a major role in writing the Aqua Teen Hunger Force theme song. This season has been made available on DVD, and other forms of home media.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever S4E1
Episode 1


Master Shake pretends to fall down a well in an attempt to pick up girls. His roommate in the well is Dirtfoot (a combination of Bigfoot and the Jersey Devil).

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever S4E2
Episode 2

Boost Mobile

Frylock becomes angry when he sees that the Aqua Teens have an electric bill for $2600. He finds out that Shake caused the high fee by charging an anthropomorphic oversized cell phone that he got from Boost Mobile in exchange for advertising the company, which he does whenever the camera zooms in on him.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever S4E3
Episode 3

Deleted Scenes

Shake and Meatwad show some scenes from Untitled Master Shake Project. Shake claims that the movie has no plot, and that viewers were disgusted when they saw it at the Mall Of America.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever S4E4
Episode 4


Carl and the Aqua Teens walk out of a restaurant called "Wong Burger.” They hear about a new promotion, "Rip-n-Win,” where you rip the bottom off of your cups and get a prize. While Shake and Meatwad both get a coupon for Wasabi Fries, Carl reads from his "Tonight, You will get your dick ripped off.”

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever S4E5
Episode 5

Hand Banana

Frylock genetically engineers a dog for Meatwad using the "Make Your Own Dog 1.0" software, Carl's pool, and Master Shake's hand DNA. Meatwad names the dog "Handbanana.” Handbanana can speak so that his words are heard only by Carl, who is immediately unnerved by Handbanana's clearly menacing but initially-mysterious threat, "Tonight. You." Since Handbanana's speech cannot be heard by Frylock, Master Shake, or Meatwad—to them, Handbanana plays the guileless, capering pup—Carl appears either hallucinatory or simply deranged for the majority of the episode. Handbanana carries out his threats and brutally rapes Carl whenever they are alone, several times during the show.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever S4E6
Episode 6

Party All The Time

Master Shake attempts to learn electric guitar from a video tutorial, but is easily outdone by Meatwad, who plays a metal riff flawlessly. Meatwad points out that Shake's small hands make it hard for him to play, so Shake deliberately agitates a beehive in order to swell his hands.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever S4E7
Episode 7

Global Grilling

As the show begins, Master Shake is spitting mucus into a kiddie pool, so that Meatwad can make a sculpture out of it, which he affectionately names "Mucus Man." Frylock yells at them, but rather than trying to get them to stop their slimy activity, he convinces the pair they need to heat up the mucus on a grill in order to be able to mold it correctly. He tries to set them up with a harmless "environmentally friendly" grill made of wood, but Master Shake instead buys The Char-Nobyl 6000, an illegally imported barbecue grill with a nuclear core made of radioactive waste from Chernobyl. Shake forgets to turn off the grill, which sets clouds on fire, disintegrates the ozone layer, melts the polar ice caps, and floods New Jersey. Suddenly, "Mucus Man," who has been brought to life by the radioactivity, appears and asks who owns the grill. Frylock points the fry at Shake, who in turn blames Meatwad. Mucus Man thanks Meatwad for creating the perfect environment for him to survive -- "and take over your dumbass planet!" Twelve years later, the mucus creatures have enslaved the world. They constantly whip Frylock, Shake, and Carl into spitting up phlegm. Meatwad rules as their ruthless king, even having Carl "congested" (executed) by his "mucus minions." However, at this point, we are brought back to the beginning of the episode, as Frylock explains about the grill, and we realize that Shake actually just daydreamed the whole story. The show ends with Shake giving a speech, in which he implores the American people to stop global warming: "You must eat your boogers, America!"

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever S4E8
Episode 8

Grim Reaper Gutters

The show opens with Master Shake and Meatwad sitting around, reminiscing about past events. They eventually stray off topic into more extravagant tales, like how Hugh Hefner invited Shake to the Playboy mansion, concerned on how there were too few guys. Frylock reminds the two of how many times he's saved their lives, accompanied by a clip montage mostly of him doing just that from past episodes accompanied by Andrew W.K.'s song from Party All the Time. Shake tries to counter this by talking about how he picked out Frylock's computer for him, but fails to mention how he ran off to Mexico when the bill arrived. Meatwad adds his own story about his first pubic hair, which he found in his food at a restaurant, and has been collecting them ever since, and presents a shirt. He presents it to Frylock, who suggests that Carl may want it more. During the phone call, Frylock coaxes Carl over when he finds porn star Tera Patrick is inexplicably at their house. What they don't mention is the shadowy grim reaper-like figure out in front of their door holding a line of gutter. As Carl approaches the house, the reaper identifies himself as Dan from "Grim Reaper Gutters" and tries to sell him a gutter plan, and tells him the company slogan that they won't leave without a sale. After Carl's insistent refusal, Dan touches him with his skeletal hand and he drops dead. This doesn't draw him from the Aqua Teen's house however, so Frylock is forced to buy something: the biggest plan they have. After Meatwad misunderstands a joke from Shake to Tera ("Show us a bridge in New York"), he takes out a gun and commits suicide.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever S4E9
Episode 9


As the episode begins, Frylock and Meatwad are playing checkers in the Aqua Teens' living room. Master Shake enters and announces he has bad glaucoma, and that his doctor said he needs to smoke marijuana to help him get better. The Mooninites arrive and say they grow marijuana on the Moon (called 'moonajuana'), at first to battle their own crippling illnesses, but now simply for recreation. Against Frylock's wishes, Shake and Meatwad go off with Ignignokt and Err to get stoned.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever S4E10
Episode 10

Bart Oates

Meatwad and Master Shake call Frylock late at night, having been thrown in jail for a D.U.I. while driving Carl's car. The next morning, Carl discovers his car missing, finds a post-it note on the curb saying "Thanks for car, M.S.,” and tries to peddle shoddy Giants uniforms he commissioned to be made to Frylock. Later in Carl's room, Bart Oates appears, much to Carl's excitement. Carl recounts his stats and the many games of Oates' he watched, then reveals how he had hoped Oates would become injured after he transferred to the 49ers. Oates reveals that it was because of this that he had to get knee surgery and retire. Bart reappears several more times, giving Carl advice on how to be a better person and improve his life. He tutors him on being polite to Frylock, convinces him to bail Shake and Meatwad out of jail, and forces him to apologize to the grave of an elderly man he ran over, and to the band Chicago, who he swindled by selling counterfeit Chicago shirts (they weren't even good counterfeits, as they said "Chicano" instead of "Chicago"). Oates finally leads Carl to Linda Hamilton's house, and instructs Carl to kill her, so she won't give birth to John Connor, who will lead the resistance to the rise of the machines. Bart claims he's been sent by them, and reveals how when he got his surgery, he was implanted with computers. Bart rips apart his skin, revealing his insides, and Carl notes that most of his interior work is just old garbage, a discovery that dismays Bart Oates. Alarms go off at the house and Carl flees. Sometime later, Frylock picks a BB pellet out of Carl's brain, wondering how it got there. In a flashback, we see that Bart Oates convinced Shake to shoot Carl from outside his house.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever S4E11
Episode 11


After two aliens build a large antenna attached to Carl's house, Carl and the Aqua Teens are enticed into watching the show the aliens broadcast - a show wherein the aliens do nothing but move the same boxes back and forth - despite their swelling heads and constant nosebleeds.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever S4E12
Episode 12


A small milkshake, looking just like Master Shake, arrives at the Aqua Teen's house, calling Shake "Daddy." Shake is very resistant to him, claiming there is no proof that he can be his son. Frylock, too, doubts he could be Shake's son, since Shake has no genitalia. Shake berates the small milkshake, who runs off crying then threatens to take a bus to Reno. Frylock and Meatwad, however, like the little shake and decide to let him stay with them. Meatwad names him "Jesus Ezekial Jesus."

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever S4E13
Episode 13

Carl Wash

Meatwad responds to an ad in the newspaper and gets a job at "Carl's Car Wash," standing out on the highway in front of it waving and dancing to attract business (but only gets cups full of coke thrown at him). The proprietors of the business, a large floating human-like brain named Carl and his son Carl Jr. (who talks in quick gibberish), feel their business is failing since Meatwad can only shape shift into a hot dog or an igloo. Meatwad gets some help from Frylock in trying some new shapes, but eventually gives up. He instead takes Master Shake's advice and tries unsuccessfully to antagonize their neighbor Carl into getting his car washed, by turning into a fist extending his middle finger then asking if he is a dumbass who's gonna get his ass whupped. Only when Shake completely covers Carl's car with dirt does he take it to the car wash. This a rare instance of Shake helping Meatwad without an ulterior motive or for personal gain (except perhaps the joy he gets from tormenting Carl).

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