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The Emmy Award-winning comedy series Arrested Development revolves around Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman), the “normal” one in a family of crazies, who is forced to stay in Orange County and run the family real estate business after his father, George Bluth Sr. (Jeffrey Tambor), is sent to prison for shifty accounting practices. While George Sr. spent the last year in the slammer discovering his newfound Judaism and recording inspirational tapes, Michael spent it picking up the pieces and trying to teach his offbeat family how to live without an endless expense account. All the while, Michael has also been trying to do right by his 14-year-old son, George Michael (Michael Cera), an earnest kid who works diligently at the family’s frozen banana stand.

Arrested Development News
Arrested Development Season 5 Is Trump Meets Making a MurdererArrested Development Season 5 Is Trump Meets Making a Murderer
Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz teases new storylines that mirror Donald Trump's tactics and the Netflix series Making a Murderer.
Arrested Development Season 5 Closer to Happening, But Will It?Arrested Development Season 5 Closer to Happening, But Will It?
Ron Howard reveals that Arrested Development series creator Mitch Hurwitz is currently working with writers to bring Season 5 to Netflix.
Arrested Development Season 5 Cast Talks Are HappeningArrested Development Season 5 Cast Talks Are Happening
Netflix's Ted Sarandos teases that they have 'every intention' of making more Arrested Development, and talks are under way with the cast.
Arrested Development Season 5 Opens with Buster Arrested for MurderArrested Development Season 5 Opens with Buster Arrested for Murder
Jessica Walter reveals that a beloved character will be arrested for a bloody murder when Arrested Development returns to Netflix next year.
Arrested Development Season 5 Coming to Netflix in 2016Arrested Development Season 5 Coming to Netflix in 2016
Brian Grazer reveals that production will begin early next year on Season 5 of Arrested Development, debuting in the spring of 2016.
Arrested Development Will Return for 17 More EpisodesArrested Development Will Return for 17 More Episodes
Brian Grazer confirms that they are making 17 more episodes as Arrested Development gears up for Season 5, but it isn't known when they will debut.
Arrested Development Movie Moves Forward; Will Premiere Before Season 5
The movie script is currently being written, though 20th Century Fox has yet to greenlight the project.
Watch Five Arrested Development Season 4 Clips!
An ostrich, bees, and underwater security cameras all play into the mystery behind the return of The Bluth family, with all-new episodes debuting Sunday, May 26th.
Netflix May Do Arrested Development Movie and Season 5
As Season 4 of the cult series debuts this Sunday, Netflix reveals possible scenarios for the continuation of this franchise.
EXCLUSIVE: Alia Shawkat Talks Arrested Development Season 4
The actress returns as the apple of George Michael Bluth's eye, Maeby Funke, in the upcoming episodes, debuting Sunday, May 26th on Netflix.
Arrested Development Season 4 Trailer!
Get your first look at the entire Bluth family in this first trailer from the show's upcoming return to Netflix, May 26th.
First Arrested Development Season 4 Clip and Nine Character Posters
Watch Lucille and Buster take their relationship to the next level as The Bluths return on Netflix starting May 26th.
Arrested Development Season 4 Character Posters!
The story of a wealthy family who lost everything returns with 15 all-new episodes starting on May 26th, exclusively on Netflix.
The All-New Season of Arrested Development Hits Netflix May 4th
All 14 episodes of this new season will be available at the same time on Netflix. Check out the titles.
Arrested Development Season 4 Bluth Reunion Family Portrait
Jason Bateman leads the cast of this cult sitcom's highly anticipated return, on Netflix spring of 2013.
Arrested Development Writers' Room Photos Confirm Season 4 Shoots in 4 Weeks!
Ron Howard, Jason Bateman, and Mitch Hurwitz offer a status update on the return of this beloved sitcom.
The Entire Cast of Arrested Development Is Back for Season 4 on Netflix
Original writer Dean Lorey is penning new episodes with creator Mitch Hurwitz and Jim Vallely, with current shooting details under wraps.
Arrested Development Returns with New Episodes on Netflix!
The online streaming company will produce this continuation of the beloved Fox series, featuring the entire original cast, starting in 2013.
EXCLUSIVE: Arrested Development Movie to Reunite Cast of Happy Days
Ron Howard says that there are a lot of hurtles to jump before the mini-series and movie get underway, also giving an update on The Dark Tower.
Arrested Development Returning to Television
Series creator Mitch Hurwitz reveals plans are in motion for a nine or 10 episode season which will lead into the long-awaited movie.
The SUNDAY FUNNIES: I Love You Man 'Sequel' and Harry Potter's Sorting Hat Spoof
We also take a look at an Arrested Development/Clue board game and what it would look like if filmmakers directed the Super Bowl.
Arrested Development Movie's Script Is Half Done
Series creator Mitch Hurwitz revealed the status of the highly-anticipated film.
EXCLUSIVE: Will Arnett Says Arrested Development the Movie Will Begin Production in 2010
Gob Bluth himself confirms that the script is in the works and that the film will start shooting this year!
Mitchell Hurwitz Confirms He Will Direct the Arrested Development Movie
The creator of the popular TV series also gives a few tidbits about the plot as well.
Watch Every Episode of Arrested Development Right Now!
Watch the entire series, all three seasons, and dive into the Bluth family madness.
Michael Cera Finally on Board Arrested Development Movie?
It seems the last remaining star to hold out has come to terms for the new film.
Michael Cera Holding Out of Arrested Development Film?
Series creator Mitch Hurwitz drops a cryptic hint at who isn't on board for the film quite yet.
Arrested Development Movie Becoming a Reality?
It appears that series creator Mitch Hurwitz and Ron Howard have reportedly closed their deals for the film.
Arrested Development Movie Is 'A Go' Says Jeffrey Tambor
One of the actors from the popular series relays that the film is moving forward.
EXCLUSIVE: Will Arnett Says Arrested Development: The Movie Is Happening
Also, Woody Harrelson does want to be Murdoch in The A-Team!
Jason Bateman Confirms Arrested Development Movie Talks
"I can confirm that a round of sniffing has started..."
RICK'S RANTS: Quips on Television's Finest
Has Tina Fey sparked the next great cult comedy with 30 Rock?
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