As Time Goes By

As Time Goes By

As Time Goes By - Season 6 Episodes

As Time Goes By S6E1
Episode 1

The Stalker

Lionel fears he's losing his strength. So when a stalker starts following Sandy home he decides to show he can take care of the situation. Turns out it's just a love-sick teenager following her.

As Time Goes By S6E2
Episode 2

The Psychotherapist

Just as Lionel is getting used to his new leisurely lifestyle, Jean steps up her pace at work and home. Jean decides to see a psychotherapist to help her with wanting to stop working but, not wanting to ""retire"".

As Time Goes By S6E3
Episode 3

The Dinner Party

Jean and Lionel must endure a trying evening with Jeans' sister-in-law.

As Time Goes By S6E4
Episode 4

What's Wrong with Mrs Bale?

Jean and Lionel visit the country house and find Mrs. Bale in an odd mood. After Jean suggests Lionel talk to Mrs. Bale to find out what is wrong he becomes ill. When the doctor shows to treat Lionel it is revealed that it's the doctor that Mrs. Bale has a problem with.

As Time Goes By S6E5
Episode 5

Alistair's Engagement

Alistair surprises everyone by announcing his engagement to someone he just met named Mercury. Judy's new boyfriend Paul lies to her and she breaks up with him. Jean wishes Alistair and Judy would get back together.

As Time Goes By S6E6
Episode 6

The House Next Door

While spending an evening at home everyone is startled by noises coming from the empty house next door. Jean calls the police but, its just the ex owner getting some boxes he had left. The young police officer who shows up to investigate takes a liking to Sandy and asks her out. Jean gets news that Penny and Stephen are looking to buy the house next door. Alistair has a plan to buy the house so they don't have to deal with Penny and Stephen as neighbors.

As Time Goes By S6E7
Episode 7

A Surprise for Jean

Jean tells Lionel that she wants him to surprise her more. So Alistair suggests Lionel surprise Jean with a trip. However it turns out not to be the easiest thing to do.

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