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Auction Kings

Auction Kings - Season 3 Episodes

Auction Kings - Season 3

Auction Kings - Season 3

The group at Gallery 63 is back hunting down and auctioning off historical treasures and off-the-wall finds, digging into each item's history and determining its worth. But every auction is still a gamble.  Sometimes the buyer gets a steal and sometimes, if a bidding war ensues, the seller can walk away with a hefty profit.

Auction Kings S3E1
Episode 1

Iron Maiden/1917 T-Bucket Roadster

The Gallery 63 crew are back with a star-spangled 1917 T-Bucket Roadster. Paul is concerned about touching -- must less selling -- an Iron Maiden and a Cadaver Casket brought in by the Garrett Brothers, two new hard-bargaining pickers.

Auction Kings S3E2
Episode 2

John Wayne Guns/Omnibot 2000

The Gallery 63 crew auction off a John Wayne Commemmorative gun collection and have a friendly wager with an '80s-era Omnibot2000 robot. New appraiser Jamie Breese seeks to unravel the mystery of a ship's telegraph, reminiscent of those used on Titanic.

Auction Kings S3E3
Episode 3

Ship's Cannon/Vitapulser

The Gallery 63 crew auctions off a naval cannon believed to be from the 17th-century Spanish Armada and a deed signed by 6th President John Quincy Adams. Cindy takes in and tests a quack medical device for ladies with shocking results.

Auction Kings S3E4
Episode 4

Mountain Man Slot Machine/Wild West BMW Motorcycle

The Gallery 63 crew auction off a screen-worn Star Trek: Generations Command Red Uniform. The Garrett brothers bring in a vintage Mountain Man slot machine. Is a Wild West-themed vintage BMW motorcycle with sidecar too customized to bring a profit?

Auction Kings S3E5
Episode 5

Elvis Bracelet/Silver Columbus Ships

The Gallery 63 crew auctions off Elvis's gold-and-diamond bracelet and sterling silver replicas of Columbus's three ships. The crew enjoys a behind-the-scenes tour at a wildlife preserve to experience first hand what the preserve wants to auction off.

Auction Kings S3E6
Episode 6

Harley Bike/Lincoln Document

The Gallery 63 crew auctions off a Civil War document signed by Abraham Lincoln. The Garrett brothers bring in a rare Harley-Davidson commemorative bicycle. Cindy convinces Paul to auction off his own vintage Martin guitar but second guesses her decision.

Auction Kings S3E7
Episode 7

Edison Phonograph/Ali-Frazier Boxing Gloves

The Gallery 63 crew auction off a 1907 Edison Morning Glory Phonograph and a mysterious Mercedes. The Garrett Brothers bring in a commemmorative display with Frazier and Ali's boxing gloves from their Fight of the Century.

Auction Kings S3E8
Episode 8

Oliver North Reclaims His Sword/Scrimshaw

The Gallery 63 crew auction off a collection of vintage scrimshaw and a 1985 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur. Colonel Oliver North comes to the Gallery to reclaim his missing dress sword that was sold at auction last year to someone else.

Auction Kings S3E9
Episode 9

Rick Fairless Chopper/Gas-Powered Blender

The Gallery 63 crew auction off a groovy-looking Rick Fairless custom chopper and an antique scale. When a customer brings in a gas-powered blender, Paul is inspired to hold an impromptu margarita-making contest between himself and Delfino.

Auction Kings S3E10
Episode 10

Gangster Terraplane/Electro Shock Game

The Gallery 63 crew auction off a gangster-worthy 1937 Hudson Terraplane car. The Garretts pick up a Spark-Jump Cigar lighter like the one in "It's A Wonderful Life" and a 1923 Electro Shock Machine, a game that delivered a surprising jolt to players.

Auction Kings S3E11
Episode 11

Signed Drumstick Collection/Trans Am GTA

The Gallery 63 crew take in an autographed drumstick collection that drummer Cindy is loathe to part with. Paul takes in a 1967 C10 Chevy pick up and a 1988 Trans Am GTA on a reserve.

Auction Kings S3E12
Episode 12

Les Paul Guitar/Giant Bat

Paul and the Gallery 63 crew auction off a 1950s Gibson Les Paul guitar, a peculiar circular typewriter, and a skeleton from the largest bat in the world, complete with vampire-worthy fangs.

Auction Kings S3E13
Episode 13

Pop Culture Pick/Footloose Race Car

The Gallery 63 crew auction off a 1945 NFL program, a Star Trek USS Enterprise model kit, and a vintage Barbie. Paul travels out to a dirt track race course to test drive a stock car used in the 2011 movie remake Footloose to see if it's suitable to sell.

Auction Kings S3E14
Episode 14

Plank Cannon/Calliope

The Gallery 63 crew auctions off a plank cannon from the French & Indian War and a 20-ft Gibson guitar owned by country legend Travis Tritt. A custom calliope needs Delfino's magic touch to turn it from a cacophonous mess back into a melodious instrument.

Auction Kings S3E15
Episode 15

Motorized Bar Stool/Confederate Sword

Gallery 63 is auctioning off a confederate sword, motorized bar stool, and a rare thousand dollar bill. The Garrett Brothers have high hopes for their motorized stool, but will the crowd be as excited as they are?

Auction Kings S3E16
Episode 16

Ms. Pac-Man Arcade Game/Military Short Sword

When a vintage Ms. Pac-Man Arcade Game is brought to Gallery 63 for auction, Paul challenges the crew to see who can score the highest. Also up for auction this week: a military short sword and an Art Nouveau bronze statue.

Auction Kings S3E17
Episode 17

1955 Ford Thunderbird/WWII Gunner's Sight

The Gallery 63 crew take in a pristine-looking 1955 Ford Thunderbird valued at $50,000. Jon picks a turn-of-the-century toy cart also called an Irish Mail Cart. The Garrett Brothers bring in a gunner's sight from a World War II era bomber.

Auction Kings S3E18
Episode 18

Eric Clapton Replica Guitar/1952 Andy Pafko Baseball Card

The dining set of the last Titanic survivor, Millvina Dean, is on the block at Gallery 63, along with a Gibson SG replica Eric Clapton guitar modeled after "The Fool." But will the condition of a 1952 Andy Pafko baseball card hurt its value at auction?

Auction Kings S3E19
Episode 19

Chastity Belts/Georgia Land Deed

The Gallery 63 crew auctions off chastity belts, thought to be from medieval times and the Garrett brothers bring in a barber chair and pole. Paul has high hopes for how much an 1820 land deed for a local Atlanta lot could bring at auction.

Auction Kings S3E20
Episode 20

Antique Doctor's Buggy/Cleopatra Folio

The Gallery 63 crew auction off a piece of history from the 60s classic film "Cleopatra" and an 1800s doctor's buggy. It'll take a barbecue for the crew to convince Paul that a pig and a longhorn-shaped smoker should be allowed up on his auction block.

Auction Kings S3E21
Episode 21

Skee-Ball/Antique Fishing Gear

The Gallery 63 crew auction off an 1800s baby scale and an enormous collection of vintage and modern fishing gear. Delfino fixes a Skee-Ball game the Garretts pick, but Paul has a serious difference of opinion than them on their 1800s-era British cutlass.

Auction Kings S3E22
Episode 22

Beatles "Butcher" Album/Fire Grenade

The Gallery 63 crew auction off a large antique fire extinguisher, a fire grenade, a cane sword, and the infamous Beatles "butcher-cover" album. But it will take expert Jamie Breese to determine if the rare "Yesterday & Today" album is legitimate.

Auction Kings S3E23
Episode 23

Wild West Memorabilia/NFL Helmet

The Gallery 63 crew take in a football helmet autographed by multiple quarterback legends and an 1868 stamp the seller believes is worth more than a million dollars. The Garrett Brothers accidentally buy some questionable Wild West memorabilia.

Auction Kings S3E24
Episode 24

Redneck Chariot/Japanese Antique Daggers

The Gallery 63 crew auction off a pair of 1800s Japanese daggers, an ornate Art Noveau cash register, and a "redneck chariot" -- a crazy supertrike hybrid made from the front end of a motorcycle and the back of a station wagon.

Auction Kings S3E25
Episode 25

Jackie Robinson Memorabilia/1875 NYC Map

The Gallery 63 crew auction off a huge New York City from 1875. The seller only wants $35, but Paul thinks it's worth much much more. The Garretts bring in Jackie Robinson and Dominique Wilkins memorabilia. Jason "cowboys up" to sell his cutting saddle.

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